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*Adds to Cart: This Clean Beauty Leave-In Conditioner Is My New Go-To For Hydrated, Healthy Hair

In our new series *Adds to Cart, we highlight the newest, must-have products that our Mane Addicts editors are obsessing over. From that can’t-live-without hair mask to cutting edge hot tools–we review all the latest and greatest hair finds right here so you know what to buy. They’re so good, you’ll definitely want to *Add to cart too.

It’s very rare that a new leave-in product really blows my breath away. I have medium to thick hair that’s straight and color treated and although my hair is healthy, it definitely leans on the drier side. The other tricky thing is that even though my hair is quite thick and I have a ton of it, my individual board-straight strands are rather fine and therefore get weighed down easily.

Getting my hair to look hydrated, clean + voluminous is quite the task, you see. Every Mane Addict knows finding the right cocktail of products that gives enough volume, frizz control and hydration is key–and until recently, I was admittedly less than satisfied with my hair routine. Every oil or leave-in conditioner in the clean beauty space was repeatedly weighing my hair down or leaving me super greasy, and considering all my meeting are virtual, how I look from the chest up counts, hair included.

As a passionate clean beauty advocate, I have been on the quest to find a hair oil, cream or leave-in spray–basically, anything that I can apply post shower for hydration without weighing my hair down. I recently snagged a travel size version of Innersense Sweet Spirit Leave-in Conditioner ($9-$26) in an event goodie bag and eagerly couldn’t wait to try it out. Not only had I heard incredible things about this clean brand, this product has 89 glowing reviews on its own website.

It’s a lightweight detangling spray that’s said to increase moisture and is “infused with emollient oils, fragrant herbs, flower essences and a touch of bee-friendly honey to maintain body and manageability.” Fragranced with a hint of lavender for scent, this product also has certified organic plant extracts that work well on all hair types. Some of the other key ingredients include tamanu oil packed with fatty lipids, organic rice proteins and honey for moisture along with rooibos tea known for it’s tremendous healing powers.

via Innersense

I have to say, I became obsessed after just one use. After letting my hair dry in my Aquis hair town for about 10-15 minutes, I gently combed out my hair and generously sprayed Sweet Spirit through my mid-shaft and ends. My hair dried with a little bit of texture, didn’t feel weighed down in the slightest and, most excitingly my ends felt and looked hydrated.

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