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I’ve Been Styling Hair For 10 Years and THIS Is What It’s Like Taking a Bumble and bumble Cutting Class

As a stylist working both in Los Angeles and New York City, I’ve gotten to work alongside some of the biggest names in the business like Marie Robinson and Sally Hershberger–but I always felt there was always something more to learn outside of what my fellow mentors have taught me over the years. Whether it’s how to handle a new client and make them feel extra special with great customer service or using a different foundation of cutting, there is always room to improve your craft, no matter what point you are in your career.

Let me rewind and tell you a bit about me–my name is Glenn Ellis and I’m originally from Southern California but moved to NYC after I received my license in cosmetology. I had just 500 dollars in my bank account and the hunger to learn how to do amazing hair. I landed a job assisting famous hairstylist Sally Hershberger and after three and a half  years of assisting I found a new home at Marie Robinson Salon on the floor as a stylist. After being in New York for six years, I suddenly felt the itch to move back to Southern California and landed another great job at Andy Lecompte Salon. I knew that I wanted to go back to New York every six weeks to see my clients and work with my Marie Robinson family. But even getting to be bicoastal wasn’t fulfilling me, I knew I wanted something more. I was talking to my boyfriend Jacob one day–who works at Meche Salon in Beverly Hills with Tracey Cunningham–and we got on the discussion of how hair color works and how you can use a variety of different techniques to achieve a certain goal. Then suddenly it clicked. I wanted to take higher education classes to fine tune my skills and get a different perspective and outlook on hair. So thats what lead me to taking the Bumble and Bumble intro to razor cutting class.

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So here’s what I learned…

Stylists ranging from one to twenty years of experience travelled from all over the country for the Bumble and bumble intro to raze cutting class. Some people had prior experience with razors and others had never held one in their hands before. We sat down and started joting down notes on the Bumble and bumble slide show covering the culture, products, and the day’s agenda. After the presentation, Bumble had one of the educators cut a live model and break down the haircut section by section, telling us how to correctly cut length, face frame, internal layers, and his current judgement on weight removal.

Next, it was our turn to use the straight razor and try our new techniques on our own individual models. Roberto, who was my educator, showed us all how to use a razor and since I’m left handed, taught me how to use the razor with my left hand. He showed us how to properly section and how to look at each section differently than the previous one.

He also showed us how to properly section for bangs, as well as looking at the head of hair as a story and how each piece is different. After cutting the model,we dried the hair without using a brush and only styling products to see the full effect of the straight razor and let me tell you the difference was insnae. It made the haircut have effective movement without sacrificing length being taken off to achieve the goal.

On day two,  they demonstrated how to cut a bob above the shoulders with a straight razor. The instructor sat down the model and gave us a full tutorial from start to finish on how to execute a bob with a razor as well as proper weight removal. We had two models and were given two hours each with the model and the instructor popped over to show us how to properly section without clips because at Bumble and bumble they prefer to not use clips for a haircut, which I found effective and made the process much more smooth. The idea of no clips is to help the eye tune in and see the head-shape better. One other trick that I was taught was how to properly look at each section differently regarding how much weight to take out of the hair.

All in all, the class was extremely informative and gave me a new outlook on hair in general. Bb. culture was definitely a family that I would join again and their outlook of hair is unique. The cutting skills I learned were interesting and eye-opening, and will help me better serve my clients in LA and NYC. Whether you’re a veteran stylist in the industry for 10 years or longer or just freshly on the floor in a salon as a stylist, the Bumble and bumble academy is one of the top to consider for continuing your education.

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