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NEED TO KNOW: 18 Must Follow Instagram Accounts for Backstage Access at NYFW

NYFW Best Beauty Accounts to Follow

Even if you can’t make it to fashion week, there’s no reason why you can’t feel like you’re there. And by following the right people on your Instagram feed, you’ll see all the best beauty moments real time as if you were hustling away back stage. To make sure you don’t miss a beat, we’ve rounded up all the best accounts for your backstage access and front row seats.


PETER GRAY @petergrayhair

Peter Gray Hair Blonde Sleek Waves

Hairstylist Peter Gray is the key hairstylist behind so many shows, including one of our favs last season. Follow for an exclusive look at how he gets the look.


JEANIE SYFU @jeaniesyfu

Jeanie Syfu Fashion Week Accounts to Follow

As the hairstylist spokesperson for Tresemme, you’ll see all the curated looks for the shows and the products she used to achieve them.


ELAINE WELTEROTH @elainewelteroth

Elaine Welteroth Fashion Week Who To FollowAs the Beauty Editor for Teen Vogue, Elaine has a quirky and lighthearted look backstage.


PAT MCGRATH @patmcgrathreal

Pat McGrath Givenchy Who to Follow for Fashion Week

The legendary makeup artists post the most amazing beauty transformations.


MICHELLE PERSAD @michelleapersad

Creatures of the Wind Clip in Bang

The Fashion Editor for the Huffington Post is always behind the scenes at our favorite shows.


REDKEN @redken5thave

Guido Palau Marc Jacobs Top KNot

As bummed as we are that Guido Palau isn’t more active on Instagram, we’re equally grateful that Redken is there to snap him in action at every show.


TRESEMME @tresemme

Jeanie Syfu Tresemme Fashion Week

Not only does this feed serve as major #manespiration, but you’ll see the season’s most coveted looks being created first hand.


EUGENE SOULEIMAN @eugenesouleiman

Eugene Souleiman Braids

One of the most visionary hairstylists ever, his feed is an endless array of beautifully curated editorial perfection.


MOROCCANOIL @moroccanoil

Bobby Pin Hair Moroccanoil

The brand behind some of our favorite fashion week looks, you will definitely feel like you’re backstage with their team with a scroll through their feed.


ANTONIO CALERO @antoniocalero

Antonio Calero NYFW Behind the Scenes

One of the men behind Moroccanoil’s most coveted looks, we can’t wait to see what shows he’ll be keying this season.


PROENZO SCHOULER @proenzaschouler

Proenza Schouler Behind the Scenes

Not every fashion house takes you backstage at the shows, but Proenzo Schouler certainly does!


KERASTASE @kerastaseusa

Backstage Kerastase Odile Gilbert

Because a glimpse of Odile backstage is everything.


JAMES PECIS @jamespecis

James Pecis Behind the Scenes

One of our favorite beauty accounts to follow, James makes us feel like we’re on his team blowdrying backstage.


YAHOO BEAUTY @yahoobeauty

Yahoo Beauty Versace Selfie

You better be following this powerhouse because Bobbi Brown has made sure they’ve got Instagram takeovers all week from all the shows (including our takeover September 11!).


MANE ADDICTS @maneaddicts

Odile Gilbert Fashion Week Mane Addicts

We’ll be posting live all week long (and you know we’ll be stalking Odile and Guido), so if you’re not already following us, now’s the time!


DESIRAE CHERIE @desiraecherie

Behind the Scenes Fashion Week

As our Mane Addicts Art Director, you know she’ll be taking the dopest pics!


JUSTINE MARJAN @justinemarjan

Badgley Mischka Behind the Scenes NYFW

Don’t forget about me! As the Mane Addicts Editorial Director, I’ll be side by side with Desirae Cherie at all your favorite shows so you can get the inside scoop before anyone else.



Is there anyone else you love to follow? Let us know who we left out in the comments!



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