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Best Instagram Captions for Pics of Your Box-Dye Job

Whether you’ve been locked away due to social distancing or you can’t afford a colorist, we’re almost certain you’ve busted out the handy (yet oh so dangerous) box-dye at some point (we’ve been guilty of it, too!).

And it goes without saying, but regardless of the outcome, it’s surely a document-worthy experience. From the mess to the uneven color, sometimes you’ve just gotta laugh at yourself and share your mishap with the world.

If you’ve recently gone to the dark side (pun intended), keep reading for the best Instagram captions for pics of your box-dye job.

For the shot of you, box-dye in hand, unsure of where the experience will lead:

Life is like a box of at-home color—you never know what you’re gonna get.

via Garnier

For the pic of you at the salon, about to get color correction after your self-inflicted faux pas:

You call this boxed color—hairstylists call it investing in our future.

For the image of your freshly box-dyed strands, shamelessly looking a little rough around the edges:

You can’t act like box dye and expect to be treated like balayage.

For the pic of your post-color correction look:

The $25 you save by using store-bought box hair color doesn’t seem like a good idea after a $300 color correction.

Weightless Mousse

via Unsplash

For the pic of you posing cutely after getting your box-dye on unevenly:

I did it at home… It’s called home-bré.

For the shot of you embracing your faux-earthiness:

Refuses to eat anything that isn’t organic… dyes hair out of a box.

For the pic of you surprising your followers with a box-dyed ‘do:

I’m ok, I just dyed a little inside.

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