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I Styled My Hair Based on Instagram Trends for a Week & Have Finally Embraced New Styles

I have been in a bit of a hair slump ever since quarantine started. Not that I was ever one to really venture into uncharted territory when it came to my hair, but isolation has really done a number on my tresses.

My haircare routine is basically nonexistent and I can’t even remember the last time I committed to trying a new hairstyle.

Scrolling through Instagram, that’s when inspiration struck. I decided the perfect way for me to spice things up with my routine was to test out a variety of Instagram hair trends.

Keep reading to learn more about my Instagram hair trends experience!

How I Decided on the Trends

Picking the trends was a bit more difficult than I had expected. Instagram is known for starting plenty of trends, but it somehow felt limited when it comes to hair. That may be due in large part to the pandemic, but I digress. Also, I knew I wanted to avoid anything that required me coloring my hair a particular way, because, you know, the pandemic.

I paid the most attention to celebrities and various influencers to see which types of hairstyles they were sporting. That’s where a majority of my inspo came from for this.

When deciding on the trends I would used, I made sure that there were plenty of examples. Just because one person wears their hair a certain way doth not a trend make.

Coming up with seven unique trends was tricky, mainly because there was often a lot of overlap. Somehow, I managed to find seven hair trends that have been seen all over Instagram. The next part was trying them out.

The Week of Styling My Hair Based on Instagram Trends

Day One: Braided Tendrils

I chose to do tendrils for the first day, because it was the easiest out of the bunch. And I also really like this look. It was the only Instagram trend I immediately had a positive reaction to.

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I attempted this look before, when I had an astrologer take over my haircare routine. It turned out okay, but I wasn’t all that thrilled with it. I wanted my redemption, so I tried it a second time.

This go turned out exactly as I was hoping. I couldn’t stop taking photos of myself, which is a very rare occurrence for me. It’s safe to say I’d try it again.

Ashley wearing braided tendrils for her Instagram hair trends experience

Day Two: Scrunchies

Scrunchies aren’t a new trend. They’ve been around for a while, but they’re one I have yet to participate in and one I’ve always wanted to. So, I decided to give them a go.

I’ve seen them more and more frequently on my feed, especially in one specific hairstyle. It’s this sort of updo that slightly resembles a Shih Tzu.

That was the look I decided to recreate with my own scrunchie. It was easier to do myself than I had anticipated, so that was a plus. And I’m very proud with how it turned out.

Ashley wearing her hair in a scrunchie for the Instagram hair trends

Day Three: Chunky Highlights

I’m not sure what the exact term for this trend is, but I’ve seen it just about everywhere. Basically, the two front sections of hair are either bleached or dyed a fun color.

I really like this trend and would be down to try it, but it does feel as if it’d require more maintenance than I like. Nevertheless, it was the perfect Instagram hair trend to try.

Because I didn’t want to bleach my strands myself, I used a temporary hair color for this experiment. I found this mousse at Target for $4 and it actually did its job.

Ashley with two pink chunky highlights in the front of her hair

My hair looked so cool. I was really into how this look turned out, sans my strands being a frizzy. This one was my favorite out of all the trends I tried.

Day Four: Hair Gems

I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t exactly thrilled to try this trend. It was one that was popularized by Euphoria and has been replicated on Instagram accounts across the globe.

I’ve seen it most used on baby hairs, but as a white girl, recreating it that way would be cultural appropriation. So, I decided to have fun with it. As much as I wanted to recreate a look on Instagram, there have been so many ways artists have used hair gems in their work.

After buying a bedazzler from Target specifically for this, I went to town. It didn’t turn out exactly how I was hoping. That’s because I didn’t have a plan. My younger sister did, so I liked her approach better. She even made the cut in the photo.

Ashley and her sister wearing hair gems in their hair for the Instagram hair trends experience

The hair gems were easy to apply, but I’m not sure I’d ever attempt a look like this again. It’s just too much work, even for the ‘gram.

Day Five: Multiple Hair Clips

I’ve seen this style frequently over the past few months. An individual will adorn one side of their hair with an array of clips, bobby pins, and more.

I tend to see pearl accessories used most often, so I purchased some of those from Target for this day.

Honestly, I figured this trend would be pretty easy to pull off. I was definitely wrong. It might just have been the day, but adding two bobby pins and a barrette required more work than the hair gems. And, I didn’t realize this until after, the pearl barrette I purchased was missing a chunk of pearls.

Once I was able to put the bobby pins and barrette on my strands, it didn’t look that bad. It wasn’t exactly my favorite look, but it was a look.

Ashley with three hair clips in her hair

While I wore all the other trends for the entire day, this one I only kept in for a few hours. It started to really irritate me, so this trend does not get a passing grade from me.

Day Six: Wavy Hair

I have seen a countless number of people sporting wavy strands on my Instagram feed for who knows how long. And it’s not just celebrities and influencers. My friends rock the look, too.

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All the moods

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I think this look has become so popular, because it’s easy to recreate. Plus, every company that sells hair tools has been pushing the waver. I get ads for it more frequently than I should.

My plan was to purchase a hair waver of my own, but they were sold out at all the retail stores near me and I didn’t have time to wait for one to arrive in the post. So, I recreated this look the old fashioned way—with braids, of course.

I split my locks into four sections, braided them, then went off to bed. When I woke up, I was so excited to take them out and see how my waves turned out.

My strands looked flawless, which is something I don’t say about them often. I added some hair clips for a little extra flair, as I’ve seen them used with this style more than once.

Ashley sporting wavy hair for the Instagram hair trends experience

This was yet another trend I really loved and would try again in a heartbeat. I will say that my waves fell out faster than I was planning on, so I might spritz on some hairspray next time.

Day Seven: Hair Flip

This was the trend I was least looking forward to trying. As someone who can barely curl their hair, I wasn’t too sure how well I’d fair trying to recreate this look.

This ’60s style has been making the rounds since 2019, though I’ve seen it a lot more recently. There’s one influencer I follow who does it religiously and Ariana Grande has been sporting it a lot more, too.

I figured creating this look would be a huge challenge, but it was actually easier to do than expected. I was floored with how well I pulled it off, given my very limited hair skills.

Ashley sporting the hair flip Instagram hair trend

I’m not sure I’d wear it as often as the rest, though I do love it a lot. It may be something to sport for special occasions. With the pandemic still raging on, who knows when that will be though.

My Overall Experience

Pushing myself out of my comfort zone when it comes to my hair isn’t something I do very often. This Instagram hair trends experience was a reminder to branch out a bit more with my go-to hairstyles.

Most importantly, it offered me some confidence in recreating looks I didn’t think I could recreate. The hair flip is especially one I am so proud of, because I did not think I had the skills to pull that off. Turns out, I did.

I don’t think I’d ever try this experience again though. It wasn’t so much trying the trends, but actually finding them. When I tell you I did my research, you don’t know the half of it.

Still, I might filter a few of these trends into my usual hair routine, because it’s good to switch up my hairstyle every now and then.

Maybe trying a week’s worth of hair trends is a little too much for you. Totally understandable. We know which one trend your zodiac sign would rock best and we’re revealing that HERE!

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