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10 Instagram Naturalistas You Should Follow Right Now

natural hair instagrams

Upgrade your Instagram timeline with some natural hair manespiration! There’s a plethora of naturalista bloggers, vloggers, models, and celebrities to get your hair style ideas from. But the search for the best page to follow can be a bit time-consuming. Don’t worry though, we spent all the time for you! Check below for our top 10 picks of Instragram naturalistas to follow. 


naptural85 instagram

It’s no secret how much we adore Whitey White aka Naptural85. The hair and lifestyle vlogger keeps her followers inspired with gorgeous hair selfies and clips of her latest YouTube video tutorials.




freddie harrel instagram

This naturalista is the true definition of #GOALS. The Parisian blogger offers plenty of inspo for hair, fashion, and life! Check out her page for photos of her beautiful hairstyles before a backdrop of colorful locations and happiness.


DAYNA DANE @ItsDaynaDane

dayna dane naturalista instagram

This Baltimore-based hair blogger proves natural hair is gorgeous at all lengths. Her TWA hairstyles are chic, simple, and the image of perfection!



curldaze instagram naturalista

This LA-based YouTuber has over 60k Instagram followers, and for good reason. Her posts include mini tutorials for flexi-rod sets, flat twists, and how to properly work the wet curl look.



chizi duru naturalista instagram

If you’re looking for ways on how to switch up your look on a consistent basis, click that follow button and get to know Chizi Duru. The gorgeous YouTuber is constantly updating her look with different wigs, extensions, braids, and twist-outs. Chizi even surprises herself on how often she changes her look! She posted a collage of her four different hairstyles and captioned it “You know when you change your hair and no one seems to recognize you for two days? I never understood it till now. I literally look like 4 different people.”  (Ed. note: LOL)


SARA SAMIRA @AfricanCuurls

sara samira african cuurls instagram naturalista

This Instagram beauty flaunts her mixed textured curls for all her followers to enjoy. Her curly selfies have been reshared throughout nearly every natural hair blog and IG page.


SUNITA V @SunitaV_

sunita v naturalista instagram

If you follow any natural hair blog or Pinterest account, you’ve probably spotted this curly beauty before. Sunita is known for her big, voluminous curls. Stalk her IG page to witness the epic greatness that is her mane!



shalleen kaye naturalista instragram

Want to see the most flawless twist-outs known to mankind? This naturalista offers her followers tips on achieving soft, hyper-defined curls on kinky textured hair. 




Calling all redheads seeking natural hair inspo: Meet Joyjah. This freckled-face goddess is a must-follow. Check out her page for product recommendations, beauty tips, and, duh, pretty pictures. 


NIQUA @Just.Niqua

just niqua hair

While a lot of noteworthy naturalistas inspire us to achieve our best twist-out, this Instagrammer is helping us to simply just go with the ‘fro. Follow her to behold her gorgeous full afro and stunning hairstyles. 


Who are your favorite natural hair Instagrammers? Tell us below!


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