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It’s International Harry Potter Day! Peep These Magical Hair Looks Inspired By the Franchise

It’s International Harry Potter Day! Although this day reminds us all of the dismal Battle of Hogwarts, let’s take today to celebrate these magical hair looks inspired by the franchise instead. Scroll through below for some seriously bewitching strands.

1. Rising of the Phoenix-Red Hue

Although this fiery hue won’t give your tears the power to heal, it’s still a legendary way to show your love for the HP franchise. The vivid copper and gold shade absolutely stuns and anyone who’s a true fan will get what you were going for with this look.

2. Ravenclaw Blue-Inspired Hue

If an adventurous blue hue is more your speed, then you’re most definitely a Ravenclaw at heart. Icy blonde with a gorgeous royal ombré will show your wise, witty, and bold side oh-so-perfectly.

3. Ravenclaw-Inspired Hair Clip

For the soft-spoken Ravenclaw, opt for an elegant bluebird hair accessory. Clip back your flowing locks with it to show your Hogwarts pride, without all the noise.

4. Gryffindor-Inspired Red and Gold Hue

For the courageous, determined, and audacious Gryffindors, we have another fiery gold and orange tone. Show your larger-than-life side by coloring your locks a deep red and orange gradient. Although the colors are bright, it’s still a shade that works well for everyday life.

5. Hufflepuff-Inspired Gold Headpiece

We know it can be tough for anyone to pull off yellow hair, so for the Hufflepuffs out there, we have a beautiful golden hairpiece instead. Patient, loyal, and stable Hufflepuffs will love this toned-down look—it will display your house pride in a brilliant way, but won’t go totally overboard. 

6. Slytherin-Inspired Floral Hair Vine

Slytherins, you tend to get a bad rep, but it’s time to show your softer side with this elegant, earthy hair vine. It may not be 100% obvious what house you align most with, but that’s the fun of it. Slytherins are known for their cunning nature, so why not keep them guessing?

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