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NEED TO KNOW: Hair to Land the Job

Job Interviews can be scary, not to mention, they have a way of making even the most experienced people nervous. In an effort to prepare as best we can with what we can control, it’s natural to think a little more deeply into every little detail. That’s why we’re rounding up the best interview-hairstyles and need to know hair tips.

Olivia Palermo


You want your interviewer to know that you are a serious candidate so the last thing you want is for your interviewer to make wrong assumptions or to be distracted by your hair. Remember, every employer is different! What you might consider professional, others might find too eccentric. Your hair isn’t what you want you interviewer to remember about you. Do some digging into the industry/company you’re interviewing with and choose a professional style within those general boundaries.

Chiara Ferragni French Twist


You want to be yourself (a professional version) so that the employer can get an idea of who you are. They are focused on finding a person they want to work with just as much as you are focused on landing the job. The hairstyle you choose for an interview shouldn’t be one that’s out of the ordinary for you. Think date night, not prom night.

Lily Collins


Your number one priority is the interview itself, which means when it comes to hair you’ll want to choose a style that is the functional for you. You can’t be worried that a bobby pin is going to come loose or that the humidity will cause your hair to frizz; and you don’t want to be touching or fixing your hair at any point during the interview. Keep things simple. 

 Aimee Song Ombre


Chances are, you’ll arrive at your interview with time to spare and before you check in, you’ll find a mirror so that you can do some last minute preparation. You never know what’s going to happen from the time you the leave your house until the time you arrive so bring some products with you! A comb, a few pins, an elastic and some styling serum could save you from disaster. At the same time, don’t worry if a situation can’t be salvaged (ie. a torrential downpour). Don’t let anything keep you from showing up on time. Think of it this way, you get a chance show your employer that you can roll with the punches. Score!

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