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Interview with Sisters + Brand Founders of Natural Hair Line, DreamGirls

Have you ever dreamed of going into business with your sister?

DreamGirls founders and sister goals duo Tonya Thompson and Sharie Wilson did just that and took an extreme risk by releasing a line in the middle of the pandemic. We chatted with them about what inspired their line, how they’re breaking boundaries every step of the way, and what to do if you feel like giving up on your mane.

What inspired you to start the brand together?

We opened our Sacramento and Los Angeles salon locations in 2006. We launched our DreamGirls product line in March 2020 at the height of the Coronavirus pandemic.

From the start, we’ve always wanted to help women. We’d see our clients’ confidence skyrocket after styling their hair and it was an incredible feeling. We use our salon chairs as tools to uplift, motivate, inspire and praise women for their natural beauty, both inside and out. When speaking with our clients, we like to share positive thoughts about them that they may not always see within themselves. The goals of DreamGirls is to break the stereotype that black women can’t have long, natural hair, and to help build their confidence in knowing that they can do anything!

We created our signature Healthy Hair Care System to give women across the globe access to salon quality products so that they can actually see hair growth results while caring for their hair at home. We both saw how important it was to break the stereotype of black women not being able to have long, natural healthy hair and wanted to change that. Black women have been stereotyped as not having any hair, being bald or being forced to wear a weave or wig, and we have debunked that myth through the hundreds of women who have grown their hair through our trend-setting hair program.  

Tonya and Sharie – Image via DreamGirls

What are your main challenges and benefits in working as sisters?

The benefits of working as sisters is that we are blessed to be able to grow together as a family while our business reaches new heights. While have similar ideas, the challenge is that sometimes we don’t see eye to eye on ideas, which makes us clash. At the end of the day, we always end up coming to a mutual agreement that is in the best interest of our clients, customers, and our business overall.

What’s your advice for anyone who wants to work in a family business?

Just do it! Don’t let anyone scare you away from joining forces with your family in business. Sometimes you can think your way out of doing something and your family knows exactly what to do and say to help you accomplish your goals. Remember that no matter what happens, your family is always your biggest support system. Don’t allow other people’s fear to become your fear. 

What sets the brand apart from other natural haircare lines?

What separates our collection from other hair care collections is that we took our time to make our Healthy Hair Care System and overall brand about teaching customers that it’s not JUST about seeing the hair growth. We give a series of instructions and steps they need to take to not only grow their hair, but to KEEP that growth and maintain hair health long-term! Each product in the kit has transformative properties for the hair issue it was created to address. Our products have been used and tested with thousands of proven results in our salons, and we made our Healthy Hair System Starter Kits available for purchase so that EVERYONE can take our effective hair care knowledge home with them.

Image via DreamGirls

Can you both say what your one personal favorite product is and why?

Sharie: I love the TLC Comb-Out Treatment! This is our secret to detangling hair and retaining your hair’s length and density coming out of your protective style. If you don’t do your takedown properly, you’ll break your hair off and you’ll end up right back where you started!

Tonya: I would say mine would be the Revival Deep Treatment! First, I love the way it feels on my scalp. Not only does it feel good but it smooths and softens the hair. The hair will be more manageable after usage of the Revival, and there is a noticeable difference in the strength and elasticity of the hair’s natural pattern.

What’s your advice for women who want to restore their damaged textured hair?

Don’t give up on your hair, because we certainly haven’t! We highly recommend wearing some type of protective style to give your hair a break from everyday wear and tear. We also recommend using our TLC-Comb-Out Treatment to prevent breakage, excess shedding and hair loss when combing out your natural hair, in addition to our True Essence Oil which is formulated to stimulate hair follicles and promote growth in thinning areas.

Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know?

For anyone who is thinking of starting a business, you should know that it’s never too late to start! Don’t get discouraged with other people’s opinions. The key is to have consistency, determination, and have faith in yourself and your skill. Our motto is to “Just Do It!” Be intentional about everything you do and go for it!

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