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Romantic, Magical Braids at Ulla Johnson

Soft in the front and intricate braids in the back was the name of the mane at Ulla Johnson’s Fall 2018 show. Stylist Esther Langham lead the lewks for amika backstage at the show–”we wanted the front to be very simple and easy to compliment the clothes and when you turn it around you have the toughness and the details” said Langham. Ulla has a thing for low, detailed styles and for spring 2018 we saw leather bound low ponytails and for fall 2017 we saw a different kind of woven braid at the nape of the neck.

Langham described this year’s look as soft-turned-tough and we are totally here for it. She went on to explain that the details and depth of the woven braids depend on how much hair you have, “the thicker the hair, the more details, the shorter the hair the smaller the detail” said the stylist. If you want to recreate the multi-dimensional look that we saw on the hair at Ulla Johnson, see below for the products you’ll need and styling steps to take.

hair at ulla johnson, amika
(via amika)
hair at ulla johnson, amika
(via amika)
hair at ulla johnson, amika
(via amika)

Get the lewk:

  1. For the hair at Ulla Johnson Esther first dampened the hair then created a soft center part.
  2. Apply Plus Size Perfect Body Mousse throughout the hair, including the hairline.
  3. Rough dry the hair using amika’s The Accomplice Dyer.
  4. Section the hair into three segments: back and left and right with pairings from the center part to behind the ear.
  5. Begin braiding along the front hairline to above the ear and secure the hair at the end of the braids with an elastic.
  6. When the left and right sides are complete, separate the back into three sections and create three classic braids. Use Fluxus Touchable Hairspray as needed to prevent flyaways.
  7. Fold the braids and secure the back of the head. Then, pin the side section braids around the perimeter of the hairline and around the shape on the back of the head.
  8. To finish, soften the side sections of the braids using your fingers until desired softness is reached.

Key products:

hair at ulla johnson, amika
(via amika)

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