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Is Drying Hair With a T-Shirt the Key to Reducing Frizz?

What if we told you there was a way to reduce frizz and all it involved was a T-shirt? There’s a new hack in town and we’re ready for it, especially if it means saving time and lowering our reliance on heat. Naturalicious founder Gwen Jimmere created a hybrid T-shirt/towel and she’s letting us know why it’s better than both, and why you should dry hair with a T-shirt if you aren’t already.

T-shirt Towels are made specifically for your hair, whereas other options simply are not,” notes Gwen. This is because the T-shirt Towel has tiny, flat fibers that absorb excess water much more effectively while being gentler on delicate strands. This translates to a significant reduction in breakage, frizz, and faster drying times.

It’s All About the Fabric

The T-shirt towel is not just effective because it’s cotton, it also has a highly effective absorbency in the type of fabric that’s used, in addition to the non-damaging fibers that prevents frizz and halts breakage. So, no, it’s not just a regular T-shirt.

“T-shirt Towels are known for not only absorbing excess water from freshly washed hair, but they’re also gentler on your curls, which help to minimize frizz and breakage,” says Gwen.

Drying Time

You only need to leave the T-shirt towel on for about 10 to 15 minutes, when your hair will be about 80% dry.

Your Towel Could Be Damaging Your Hair

Your regular bath/hand towels are designed to get your body good and dry. They’re great for that! But that’s part of their downfall. “They have huge fibers that, compared to the fragile strands of hair on our head, are dinosaur-sized. Those huge fibers tend to catch and snag on our naturally curly hair causing major frizz and breakage,” explains Gwen.

Alternatively, there’s a microfiber towel. While this towel is better than the bath towel, it still doesn’t really have microfibers as the name suggests. This means it has the tendency to do the exact same thing as the bath towel. “Though the severity may be less, breakage is breakage. And we want absolutely none of that,” says Gwen.

Not All Tees Are the Same

All things considered, you could just grab your everyday cotton T-shirt, which is a decent runner-up option to the official T-shirt Towel. This is because your tee has smaller, flatter, and way less damaging fibers than the bath/hand towel. However, it can’t soak up all of the excess water after you wash your hair, nor can it do so in a timely manner. And who wants a soggy shirt lying around?

Don’t Rub

The only other tip Gwen needs you to know when it comes to T-shirt Towel drying is not to go crazy, which is applicable advice all around. “Don’t go crazy rubbing it back and forth any old kinda way. Just wrap it around and chill for a bit. This will reduce the amount of friction your hair is receiving, leading to less frizz, which is something that we all want, right?” Right!

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