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Found: A Healthier Hair Gel Made From Chia + Quinoa

On the forever quest for natural beauty and nondamaging products, there have definitely been some major strides in many categories but finding a good hair gel that won’t wreck your mane has been a struggle. To the point where, aside from aloe gel, we’ve lost faith that a really great hair gel that isn’t made from 80% alcohol even exists. That is until we heard about Naturalicious’ alternative to traditional hair gel made from chia and quinoa.

Chia seed is plant-based, which makes it much better for you than gels full of chemicals. “Everyone wants major hold without the crunch that comes with most gels, and that’s exactly what chia seed provides,” says Naturalicious founder and CEO Gwen Jimmere.

The chia and quinoa work together in the gel to create a natural combination for intense hold. “They’re both superfoods chock full of tons of nutrients and minerals our hair needs but can never get from any other hair gel. When we create our Naturalicious Dramatic Definition Gel: $33 the chia and quinoa combined create a lightweight gel that gives amazing hold, without the tack, crunch or buildup that comes from most traditional gels,” adds Gwen.

The gel has no silicones or additives and was developed after listening to customers air grievances about their harsh gels. “We initially reached out to our customer focus group of over 10,000 women and asked them what they hated about most gels, and what they wished they could have in their “perfect” gel. The overwhelming feedback was that they wanted a gel that would lay down their edges and give them incredible hold for their styles at the same time, without making their hair feel hard or crunchy,” notes Gwen. “We created exactly what they wanted, and we upped the ante by infusing it with plant-based protein, so it strengthens the hair with every single use, reducing breakage overall.”

The gel is also infused with aloe and coconut oil for added hydration. And because the gel is made from plant-based ingredients, it strengths hair.

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