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Sephora vs Ulta: Which Beauty Haven Are You More Likely to Visit IRL

Sephora and Ulta are our go-tos for anything beauty related. We oftentimes use them interchangeably. Nevertheless, the data shows a clear winner when it comes to foot traffic. Read on to find out who is clearly winning this head to head beauty battle.

(via Unsplash)

According to Near, the largest source of marketing intelligence on people and places, Sephora is the clear winner. The chain saw an average of 53% higher foot traffic in stores across the US when compared to Ulta.

Near dug deeper into the data and surmised that a higher number of Sephora shoppers preferred to shop on weekdays when compared to weekends. Ulta on the other hand, saw very even distribution across the week.

The data also shows that more affluent shoppers prefer Sephora and they have the numbers to back it up. 25% more affluent shoppers made Sephora their destination last quarter when compared to Ulta. For Near, affluence was defined as people who make $250k or more. According to the firm, the use income data to figure out that affluent groups tend to explore fancy neighborhoods and they visit malls with more frequency than the average population.

Another fun fact was that Sephora shoppers tended to visit stores more frequently on Wednesdays. The data shows it was their preferred shopping day. On the other hand, Ulta shoppers set foot in the stores more often on Saturdays.

   For Sephora shoppers, Wednesday was the preferred shopping day. Ulta shoppers preferred to shop on Saturdays. How’s that for divided party lines? Which one are you most likely to shop at?

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