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Is Your Hair Making Your Face Break Out?

It’s never a good day when a pimple shows up unannounced—like, hi, a little notice would’ve been nice. But aside from the mini panic attack that ensues, figuring out the source of a breakout is like a Scooby-Do episode. If you swear by your skincare and makeup ritual, then consider this: Your greasy hair is guilty AF. To find out how to combat the uncool consequences that greasy hair has on our face and back, we tapped celebrity hairstylist and 1/2 Zogalis twins, Lisa Zogalis from Luxelab Salon in Los Angeles. Ahead, Lisa gives us the bad news about hair-induced breakouts, and the products and treatments to prevent them.

Can dirty hair make your face break out? Or is that a myth?

It’s not a myth–it can definitely be a factor in your skin breaking out. Greasy hair, buildup of hair products, pollution from being outside, and temperature are all causes. People with long hair can even get breakouts on their back, or those who have greasy fringe can get breakouts on their foreheads.

What actually causes the break out–dirty hair or a dirty pillowcase?

It could be both!. If you use a lot of styling products, tie your hair up at night and wrap a scarf around it. This will help prevent dirtying your pillowcase. My favorite pillowcase is the Hollywood Silk Solution Pillowcase.

For busy girls on the go who can’t always get more than one wash in a week—how can they prevent breakouts without having to wash their hair more often?

See a facialist. You could be breaking out for other reasons than hair. Try wearing more updos like a cute topknot or braids to get that hair swept off the face.

What other effects do dirty hair and a greasy scalp have on skin?

Your scalp (pores) can become clogged from product buildup, which can cause bumps and pimples on the scalp. Before jumping into the shower, take a paddle brush and gently break up the residue on your scalp by brushing—this will help exfoliate.

Are there any procedures or products you recommend for people who are the oily hair type?

Use a clarifying shampoo once a week to get rid of excess build up. My favorite is the Sunday Shampoo by Bumble and bumble. There is also an in-salon treatment by Nioxin, it’s a microdermabrasion for your scalp. It’s color safe and recommended to do every 30-45 days.  It regenerates and revitalizes all hair while leaving your scalp squeaky clean. You can find a Nioxin salon nearest you by visiting their website.


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