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NEED TO KNOW: The ‘It’ Girl – How Hair Completes the Look

cara delevigne

She doesn’t follow trends she sets them. Clad in the latest looks, today’s ‘It Girl’ knows precisely how to execute a look from head to toe. With her Balmain leather jacket, distressed boyfriend jeans, and Chloe boots she is effortlessly chic. Even when she just “threw” it all together within minutes, her hair is somehow still perfectly coifed. No look is complete without flawlessly styled tresses, and you will never catch a trendsetter with lackluster locks. From her ever so perfect color, to her coveted haircut, the ‘It Girl’ makes it look like it all happens so naturally.

cara and kendall

Hair has the ability to make or break an overall look; the wrong hair can completely overshadow any outfit or designer look. But if the hair is right, then all flows seamlessly. Even the simplest hair styles can add a powerful final touch to an ensemble. The perfect top knot can add polish, a deep side part and disheveled waves alludes casual, and the classic undone low ponytail is timeless. Knowing when, where, and what to pair these styles with is what the ‘It Girl’ does best.

jourdan dunn

Having the power to tone down or turn up a look with a certain hairstyle is a priceless tool. By using hair as an accessory to compliment and complete the overall look, a flawless finish is created. Trendsetter’s tresses are noticed just as much as their designer duds- and without that perfectly styled mane there isn’t a trendsetter to be seen.

zoe kravitz

It’s not just about the shoes, the bag, or the dress, but about the embodiment of the overall look, from head to toe. So being able to envision and execute that look is what makes her an ‘It Girl.’

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