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It’s Punks vs Preps at Alexander Wang Collection 2 for Fall 2019

The blast from the past continues! It’s pretty much fact that the era you came of age in holds a special kind of nostalgia, one that stays with you throughout your life. As-if there were any doubts, Alexander Wang has made it abundantly clear he’s a 90s kid. The designer’s fall 2019 runway show for his Collection 2 was heavily influenced by the fun-loving decade, and were reflected beautifully in the multiple hair looks sent down the runway.

If the 90s are known for one thing in fashion, it was branding. Labels were (and still very much are) signifiers. When you prominently display the brand your standing for, you’re revealing info about your values and even information on socio-economic standing. Though literally everything that can be made with a logo has we have NEVER seen a logo embossed into HAIR, that is until now OMG.

Uptown Blowout

Alexander Wang wanted hair incorporated hair into the logo-centric vision for his Collection 2 and key hair stylist Duffy made it a reality. “Alex loves the 90s and the 90s is about branding. Last season he wrote Wang in the girl’s hair in braids and this season he wanted to do something different,” explained Duffy. “He sent me a picture of a very old crimper from the early 90s that put stars and things like that in the hair, and said can we do this? I had three days to figure it out,” he continued. Duffy wound up tapping his brother (a jeweler in London) who created a brass plate that was then heated up in a ceramic oven—this was used to create the perfect “W,” so the Wang logo could be literally crimped into the hair.

Image via Dyson

To get the look backstage, Duffy dried hair using a round brush, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer professional edition: $449.99 and a generous amount of Redken Full Frame 07 All-Over Volumizing Mousse: $19.50. Only four girls got the embossed W, all others rocked the “uptown” preppy girl blow out as-is with headband. Extensions were added for many of the girls, so each could achieve length that fell to the middle of the shoulder blades. “The look is very normal,” Duffy described of the norm core straight locks, which are nevertheless a classic statement in any era.

Downtown Pigtails

In the hyper cool Wangverse (and in every high-school in the 90s) there couldn’t be a prep without a punk. Duffy’s grungy take on pigtails are as original as his W blowout – think of this look as school-girl with massive edge, literally—the hair is molded into shards. To get this piercing “downtown” look, Duffy applied the Redken mousse, parting hair down the middle and creating two ponytails. The ponytails sit on the head where “animal antennas” would, he explains on creating the perfect positioning.

Alexander Wang Hair

Image via Dyson

The pony sections are then sub-divided into the shards. Heat from the Dyson Supersonic is applied to make the mane malleable and cool air is used to set it. “It’s like perming,” offers Duffy. “Perm solution breaks the mold; setting solution sets the mold of the bonds of the hair.” The shards are coated with mousse and a TON of hairspray (L’oreal Paris or Bumble and bumble) and set with a Harry Josh flat iron. The shards are then painted with a coat of gel, which solidifies and glazes their shape.

Image via Dyson

Crosstown Half-up, Half-down

The third look of the show is the “crosstown” or the hybrid between the punker pigtails and the good-girl blowout. The high-school floater would sport this, as she impossibly gets along with everyone. To get this look, Duffy blows out locks with the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer professional edition and round brush. Hair is divided from ear to ear across the back of the head (think your average half-up, half-down). The top section is pulled into a ponytail, which, along with the remaining hair is given the punk-shard treatment, with the same technique as the pigtail look.

Alexander Wang Hair

Image via Dyson

We can’t wait to see how these looks translate to the real world. You heard it here first—we’re predicting a major pigtail wave in the near future. Also not so low key hoping punks vs. preps is a thing again…after all, why shouldn’t everyday be a trip to Wang’s 90s?

Find out why the Dyson is the backstage holy grail HERE.

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