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HOW-TO: Jaime King’s Wrapped Pony by Sascha Breuer

Jaime King Pony by Sascha Breuer

When we saw Jaime King’s gorgeous wrapped ponytail for The Line NYC party, our hearts skipped a beat. Though her beauty looks are always flawless, this bold look was a welcomed departure from her hair that is usually worn down. Created by hairstylist Sascha Breuer, we can’t help but be reminded of  Guido Palau’s Prada ponytails. Which has us wondering…Will the clipped, pinned, wrapped, and tucked ultra high ponytail be the must-wear style of the season?

Jaime King Pony by Sascha Breuer

So where exactly did the inspiration come from? “After seeing her chic outfit choice, I wanted to create a look that emphasizes and elongates Jamie’s neck as well as adding strength and a real fashion-forward feeling,” says Sascha. “It was a true collaboration between all of us working together to decide.”

Jaime King Pony by Sascha Breuer

I decided to work her hair into a clean, polished, energetic high ponytail and add graphic lines, edge, and contrast to reflect the mixture of her French chic [taste] and the Asian shape that I saw in her dress.”

To recreate the style, Sascha breaks down his steps below…

Jaime King Pony by Sascha Breuer


  1. “Apply Mousse or blow dry spray to towel dried hair.
  2. Blow dry all the hair from the hairline and neck toward the crown area using a soft brush to get it as close to the head shape as possible. I used Wella EIMI Perfect Setting blow dry lotion as it gives great hold and grip.
  3. Spray Wella EIMI Stay Essential hairspray directly onto the brush and brush the hair neatly to the top of your head into a high sitting ponytail and secure the base with an elastic. I used a 20-inch long piece of sewing elastic to tie, secure and wrap around the base of the ponytail to add height and lift to the tail (but you can use a bungee elastic instead). 
  4. Play with the shape and position of the tail, and secure it  by tying the tail close to the scalp using a 5-inch piece of the elastic. It sounds more complicated than it is, as you just use a large pin to pull / feed the sewing elastic through the hair that you have secured in the tight ponytail to create a loop and tie a knot (you can use a barrette, large clip or hair accessories instead to secure the tail close to the scalp if you feel that the elastic sewing technique is not for you). 
  5. Mist more hairspray onto the brush and remove any frizz or flyaways, as the look is supposed to be clean and shiny. The Wella hairspray is perfect for this as it allows you to rework it again and again, staying flexible while giving great hold and a nice shine to the hair.”

Though this pony was a headturner, Sascha has given Jaime quite a few equally noteworthy hairstyles that you can check out on his Instagram.

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