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BLOGGERS WHOSE HAIR WE LOVE: Sea of Shoes’ Jane Aldridge

Jane Aldrige red hair

If you’re looking for bold color inspiration for a late summer spark, look no further than the fire red mane of Texas fashion blogger Jane Aldridge. Jane, who has been running her blog, Sea of Shoes, since the age of 15, has amassed a large following and perhaps and even larger shoe collection (everything is bigger in Texas 😉 ). 

Jane Aldrige red hair

It’s no secret that her red hair is all part of her persona, and it seems it’s getting more vibrant every time she colors it! “The cut is by Jessica Watts and color is by Casey at Salon Lucien,” she said in a recent interview.

Jane Aldrige red hair

“Red was a way to stick out in Dallas, where being tan and blonde is the way to go. I’m neither of those things, and I like red hair as part of my identity. It is a romantic retro color—you think of Titian and Rita Hayworth.” Jane has proven her dominance as a vintage hunting, thrifting, designer loving fashion mogul; but perhaps she’s deserving of a second title – the red-haired darling of the west.

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