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HOW-TO: NYFW SS16 Jason Wu x Odile Gilbert Minimalist Bun

Jason Wu Odile Gilbert Knotted Chignon

There’s nothing like being in the presence of the ultimate hair icon, Odile Gilbert. With her flawless execution of the most feminine and intricate styles, Odile creates understated nuances that compliment fashion so perfectly. For her NYFW SS16 show with Jason Wu, the hair was just that. Models were fresh faced and bold lipped with an almost sleek chignon centered at the back of the head. Backstage, we saw stylists braiding up the models’ hair under the bun to reduce volume in the finished chignon.

Jason Wu Odile Gilbert Knotted Chignon

The inspiration for the look was mid-century modernism and “was very much inspired by Helmut Newton photography in a modern and masculine way,” says Odile. “Jason Wu’s collection is very beautiful with such incredible clothes, so we wanted a look that was sophisticated.”

Jason Wu Odile Gilbert Knotted Chignon

“We used Creme de la creme from Kérastase, which is a new product. We brushed the hair wet with the creme, then we tied the hair in the back just with our fingers. So it’s quite organic. Then we put, one elastic, twisted the hair, then put another, and more if needed. We only used elastics, much like if the models’ were doing it themselves.

Jason Wu Odile Gilbert Knotted Chignon


  1. Start on dry hair.
  2. Spray Kérastase Materialiste to the palms of the hands and apply to the roots of hair to add texture.
  3. Take a generous amount of Kérastase Créme de la Créme from root to mid shaft, and slick hair back until it’s smooth and shiny.
  4. Brush hair back using fingers to give a trace of texture, leaving “finger tracks.”
  5. Gather hair slightly higher than the nape of the neck and at a height in line with the ears.
  6. Next, twist hair to create a modern chignon and secure with elastics.
  7. Finish the style with Kérastase Lacque Dentelle for a sleek, wet finish.

Jason Wu Odile Gilbert Knotted Chignon

Be sure to follow @OdileGilbert_official for more #manespiration.

Photos by Desirae Cherie

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