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Jean Paul Gaultier’s Last Show : PFW SS15

Jean Paul Gaultier’s SS15 show was a theatrical event played out as a beauty pageant where all the models competed for ‘Miss Gaultier’.  As his last show, he payed homage to those who helped him along his career, he showed off his trademark sartorial favorites, and showcased an eclectic array of models: from the up and comers, the recently famous, and the famous from long ago, including French television stars now in their 70’s and 80’s!  There were men on motorcycles, elaborate props, and an array of hairstyles all over the map.  We saw cornrows, bouffants, loose waves, smooth and straight, big curls, teased body, wet looks, literally everything you can imagine!  With so much going on- it’s hard to say if one look stood out amongst the rest, but Gaultier nailed his last show as a fun party that will not be forgotten.

2 minutes

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