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What Is a Jelly Perm, and Should You Try It?

We’ve already pointed out a handful of Korean-inspired hair trends to have on your radar in 2022. But one more to add to your list? The jelly perm. Not only does this perm rival the C-Curl in popularity, but it has mainstream significance. So, just what is a jelly perm, you might ask. Keep reading for the scoop!

The Jelly Perm by Definition

If the jelly perm looks familiar, there’s a reason for that. It’s a revived look from the ’60s that’s also known as the “hippie perm.” It features loose and messy curls, giving off a very natural feel. It’s considered a looser and more natural take on the “fog perm” (we know, it’s a lot to keep up with!).

Pop Culture Significance of This Style

While the jelly perm is a unanimously hot trend in Korea, it received mainstream attention when BLACKPINK’s Jisoo rocked the look on the cover of W Korea. Decked in Dior, the K-pop star turned heads in beautiful, tight waves that fans hadn’t seen on her prior. This look is a sharp contrast from her silky straight strands we’re used to.

Damage of a Jelly Perm

When it comes to a jelly perm’s damage, there’s no evidence suggesting it’s any better or worse than other perms on the market. The fact of the matter is all perms are risky. While Korean perms are known to deliver next-level results, it doesn’t make them any “safer” for the strands. Perms in general are known to dry out the hair and cause breakage. If you do decide to opt for the service, speak to your stylist about proper post-care.

If this article has inspired you to head to the salon, HERE are five things to know before getting a perm of any kind!

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