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Jen Atkin on Building Her Growing Empire and Finding YES! People

Here we are in JULY, the halfway point of the year… a year I consider pretty stressful for everyone.  I often joke that I remember a time when my work was the most stressful part of life. Now I feel like we have so many other things globally to worry about on top of building a career and making time for yoga.  As I move through this whirlwind I call life I’m always being asked, “how are you finding time for everything?”  The answer is what my team has dubbed the Jen Atkin Army. 

Jen Atkin Army wearing Jen Atkin Mane Addicts bomber jackets with braids, pink hair and blunt brown hair

The truth is, I’m not out here on my own, the #JENATKINARMY is strong and growing.  Surrounding myself with good people is what it’s all about and once you have the right team behind you, in life or with work, success is sure to follow!  I have been extremely fortunate over the last several years to have some of the greatest assistants a person could ask for, but finding the unicorns isn’t always the easiest task.  I think it’s fair to say I have high standards for my team but I also come from a time when assistants weren’t allowed to speak, would get bleach painted on their fingers when they weren’t paying attention while holding foils, and a lot of us (even in Hollywood) were the ones sweeping the floor after that last client of the day left.

So Mane Addicts, what do I look for when building the army?! 

Jen Atkin Army employees of Mane Addicts work in the office

First and foremost, I want YES! people.  YES! people are those who aren’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone.  They are people who are willing to take that extra job when they have no idea how they’re going to find time to fit it in. a YES! person doesn’t look at the clock and understands your personal life isn’t the priority.  Secondly, I look for those people who understand how to be a team player.  We are a FAM! I’ve never had an ego and always encourage my assistants to work together to get projects done and be willing to do someone else’s task to hit deadlines.

Building an amazing team can be as difficult a job as any, but that’s what we are, a team. When we accomplish something, we accomplish it together and when we fail, we fail together and we learn from our mistakes and lift each other up to become better.  And oh yeah, organization is KEY!  And I’m not just talking about your everyday “my drawer is super organized,” I mean ORGANIZED AF!   We’re moving pretty fast around here so organization and the ability to think ahead.

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Like I said, having a great team is what can make the difference. Mane Addicts wouldn’t have been able to build the community we have, or create amazing content–photo shoots with top notch celebs like Jessica Alba and Cameron Dallas, original content how to’s, Mane Master profiles… you get the picture. Mane University is one of our biggest accomplishments and we are working hard to make sure EVERYONE gets the chance to get educated by the Mane Masters creating the red carpet and editorial looks you all use as inspo.

Conference call meeting at Mane Addicts headquarters planning Mane Addicts hair content Jen Atkin Army

Somedays, the time demands can seem endless, but our team at Mane Addicts works around the clock and the whole squad has such passion about what we are creating.  I love thinking back to the days of our small team sitting around my kitchen table strategizing and now the large team is running circles around me! Had I known ahead of time how difficult starting a business could be, I may have shied away from it, but from day one I wanted to build a hairstylist community where we can all grow together and get inspired by one another.  And as Mane Addicts continues to open doors to new experiences and new business opportunities for young artists, I continue watch in amazement at the power of stylists working together rather than being competitive with one another.  Teaching and supporting one another is what this journey is ALL ABOUT!

The second half of the year is just getting started, so be on the lookout for new opportunities, make those goal lists for 2018 now… and don’t be afraid to say YES!!

xx Jen

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