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Jen Atkin Takes Us Down Memory Lane and Back to High School

Flashback….about this same week, during a summer long, long ago (but don’t ask how long), I’m getting anxious, my head is spinning but I’m excited all at the same time, and Missy Elliott is playing on the radio!  It’s time to start picking out my new binder, new pencils, pens, a fresh backpack, definitely some new kicks and most importantly, what I will be wearing for my first day back at school. 

Baby Jen Atkin Back to High School Hilarious Photos

Flash forward to August 2017– somehow even though the summer seems like it just started it also feels like fall is upon us.  Remember when you were a kid and the summer seemed so long and it really felt like you got a BREAK?!   These days I blink and entire seasons go by!   

Since we’re nearing the end of another summer and “back to school” themes are starting to pop up, I thought I’d use this month’s letter to talk a little bit about my school experience, what I learned and how inspiration can be found in the history of our lives and the people we’ve encountered along the way.

So Mane Addicts, let’s take a little trip down memory lane. You may think I have known since I was a little girl that I wanted to be hairstylist when I grew up (maybe a little) BUT truth be told, I had big dreams of becoming a lounge singer on a cruise ship!  Maybe I missed my calling but thankfully, I still found a way to express my creative side!!

Jen Atkin Back to High School Hilarious Photos

Back in high school, I learned so much, not necessarily in the classroom (sorry Mom) but one of my biggest lessons was learning to be friends with all different types of people and not putting a label on myself.  I had friends who were nerds, skaters, goths, drama geeks, popular kids, and even sports junkies!  Knowing all of these people, being friends with them, it really helped me become a much more well-rounded person and it allowed me to look at things from a wide range of perspectives.  Even today I draw inspiration from all different kinds of styles and even different time periods.   

Baby Jen Atkin Back to School

Once I sorted out that my destiny did not include late nights in the piano bar aboard some Norwegian cruise liner, I found my way to hair school.  I never really thought doing hair could be a real profession! Right from the start I loved hair school.  I still recall learning all about roller sets!   It’s amazing how understanding the direction of a curl has helped me so much in creating new styles and recreating older ones.  It was something my peers didn’t think they would need to know but it’s been the base of my work from day one.

These foundations have helped me in so many situations throughout my career and my career has now taken me around the world and I have been fortunate enough to meet some of the most amazing and inspirational people along the way.   Even my very first client, my best friend since I was 12, Lindsay Johnson Goldfine!  She will forever be my muse!  Literally every single person I meet or work with teaches me something, good or bad, it doesn’t matter because I take each of those encounters as a learning experience and apply it to my life in order to keep growing.

Jen Atkin Back to High School Hilarious Photos Quote From Jen Atkin

All of the hairstylists that are involved in our Mane Addicts events, Mane Muse shoots, and social takeovers teach me so much.  I love seeing creatives out there hustling and inventing new looks.  I still can’t believe I’ve made a career from doing hair, but I feel so lucky I get to make people feel good everyday.  The only downside is the clothes ruined by hair color and the curling iron burns we’ve all suffered!!!

So as we prepare for the end of another summer, don’t be bummed that the weather will be cooling, or season turning or that school is starting but think about that new learning experience that awaits on the other side of the classroom door,  the people you’ll meet..or in that next meeting and how it could just shape your life and career!

xx Jen

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