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Jen Atkin on Gender Neutral Haircuts and Her Fave Men’s Groomers

June is all about Father’s Day and showing appreciation to our Dads, which is why we felt it was the perfect time to debut our first male Mane Muse coming to you later this month.  It’s also time to show some love to the guys doing big things in the hair industry around the world, so plan to see lots of male oriented content poppin’ up here on MA. From my fave groomers to the best products for men’s hair–we’ve got tons of cool content coming your way.

As a big believer in gender equality, I couldn’t be happier to finally share with our Mane family our very 1st MALE  Mane Muse story featuring the coolest guy around, Cameron Dallas!!  I think its safe to say Cam and his go-to Mane Master Florido are setting trends left and right for guys grooming RN.

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And speaking of gender equality, I don’t think there is anything more dope AF than a girl rocking a gender neutral haircut.  Recently we’ve seen Cara Delevingne shave her head and rock it on the red carpet, Katy Perry showing us the glam short haired platinum rock star life with her new cut by Chris McMillan, and Halsey sporting cool girl blonde short hair too on stage.  The gender-bending hair and makeup trends from the ’80s are having a major comeback.  Let’s throw out the rules and do whatever makes you feel good!

Jen Atkin Best Men's Groomers Gender Netural Hair cuts Katy Perry

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It’s my responsibility as the grandmother of HAIR 🙂 to show you guys the talented people around the globe I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with. Here in LA, barbershops like Rudys, Shortys, Floyds, have LA on lock.  Grooming mens hair is SO HARDDDDD.  Going back to my days in Beverly Hills working at a fancy hair salon, the men would be WAYYY more picky about their looks then the women!! I think being able to keep all of the highly photographed models and actors happy is an ART and these Mane Masters have it nailed down:


Jason Schneidman is a celebrity groomer at Chris McMillan salon, known for his cool cuts on funny guy James Corden, David Foster, Justin Theroux, and more. Follow him for hair inspo, and cute family shots of him and his adorable daughters!


Natalia Bruschi–celeb groomer, barber, hairstylist, and make artist–is a jack of all trades! She’s groomed Leo Dicaprio and Justin Theroux… enough said.


So good, the man only needs one name–F L O R I D O. Not only does he groom our Mane Muse Cameron Dallas, he’s also the mastermind behind Beiber’s consistently killer cuts.

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Christine Nelli has a growing roster of some of the hottest in hair RN–The Weeknd, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling… follow Christine for her major #mancrush clients .


Celebrity groomer Kim Verbeck is known for her crisp, clean cuts and masterly coiffed hair. She tames the heads of Charlie Hunnam and Alexandar Skarsgaard .


If you like quirk, then you’ve gotta follow Cheri Keating, a self-described “globe-trotting, backyard-gardening, food-obsessed Professional Peacock Preener represented by The Wall Group.” While her feed is mainly comprised of cute cat pics, yummy food, and self portraits–every now and then you’ll catch a photo of one of her cool clients.

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Erica Sauer is a celebrity groomer and makeup artist who also specializes in holistic nutrition, health and wellness. It’s no surprise she’s got a roster of cool clients like Lenny Kravitz, Ben Affleck, and Josh Duhamel.


Jen Loura is a hairstylist and men’s groomer at Benjamin Salon, but she bounces back and forth between LA, NYC and Australia. Catch her when you can for super editorialized mens looks!


Amy Komorowski clearly has a thing for comedians, because she counts both Aziz Ansari and Seth Meyers as clients! Represented by the Art Department, Amy also tends to Eddie Redmayne and Justin Bartha as well.

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Rene Aleksander is a busy man–he is a celebrity groomer and owns a bar in West Hollywood, Beaches! Check out his work here, and if you’re in WeHo, stop by Beaches and say hello!


The amazing Daniel Cohen keeps my hubby Mike Rosenthal’s hair looking fly! He specializes in men’s fades and is “making men feel better one head at a time.” Book an appoitnment at clippersandmermaids.com. 

June is when we sit and reflect on the men in our lives that usually rocked insane hairdos and mustaches in family photos back in the day. My own Dad is the coolest guy on the planet.  While away on a family vacay to Hawaii he literally sent back to the mainland for our things and we moved to Hawaii! The reason I am who I am today is because my Dad always encouraged me to be hard working and independent.  What I didn’t realize at the time when my Dad forced me to get a job at 16 at Little Cesar’s to pay for my car was that the work ethic he instilled in me would stay with me my whole life. My Dad taught me to love people, animals, music, food, and to respect everyones opinions and cultures.

Jen Atkin best Men's Groomers Father's Day Dad

I hope we all take a moment on Father’s Day to thank whatever men  that helped guide us or direct us in life.  And send your Dad that embarrassing pic of his weird moustache.

xx Jen

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