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Jen Atkin on Her 7 Day Digital Detox and Launching Mane Addicts Creator Collective

Wow Mane Fam, what a year!

So many things have happened–for starters, I’ve been a dog mom for an entire year now and it’s the greatest thing that has happened to me (sorry Mike😂). I finally started taking days off, spent a lot of time in my backyard and started a YouTube channel along the way. But what I’m most proud of this year is bringing one of my visions to life.

As you may know, we launched the Mane Addicts Creators Collective, which includes six different hairstylists in the industry that I stalked on my finsta for months. Brittany Sullivan, Cash Lawless, Ruslan Nureev, Kathleen Riley, Amanda Lee and Irinel De Leon. They represent a new generation of stylists that are so talented. I’m so excited they will be working on creating amazing content for you guys in our new studio! Make sure you’re following us on You Tube, IG, Snapchat and TikTok and let us know what you want to see in the haircolor/style/extensions/wig space!  

Mane Addicts Creators Collective

I’ve always felt as a seasoned hairstylist that part of my job is to help others be prepared to step up to the plate and do my job if need be. I want to help give them the tools they will need to improve while they’re with me. I want them to watch how I deal with people, how to navigate thru all the creative minds on set, how to handle business, and how to make quick decisions with confidence. 

I really try to nuture my assistants since they spend years with me. I’ve always felt that I want the team around me to be eager and prepped to rise up and take on more responsibility if myself or a client needs them. I’m all about them dreaming big and helping them achieve their own goals. 
Due to my busy schedule, I’ve been able to rely on and refer these artists. If you really want to create a name for yourself–and its ok if you don’t btw–it’s important to be comfortable on camera, to connect with your audience, have a great work ethic and professionalism all while having a great personality. These are just some of the factors that make up this group. Seeing those around me succeed is what it’s all about. The idea of the Creator Collective presented the perfect environment to connect the dots and put my contacts together. 

We’ve taken in close to 600 client appointments in less than a year of starting the Mane Addicts Collective, which is a testament of not only the hustle that these six artists have but also the high demand there is and what’s to come in the next year. In addition to catering to our celebrity clients, partnering with brands like Dyson, REVOLVE, Slip Silk, GHD, Conair and AirBnB to name just a few, we covered tons of ground all while hosting our annual Giveback Day and partnering with charities that we care deeply about.

In September, we partnered with H.E.L.P. Everyone & Saving Innocence for an incredible day of giving back to our community and supporting an organization that makes a difference one child at a time. Once again, Toni & Guy LA opened their doors to us and we were joined by 15 incredible stylists that were excited to spend their Saturday with an incredible ground of young girls. We are gearing up for our January giveback event with Baby2Baby, so be on the lookout for details on how you could participate. We are SO grateful to every partner, stylist and individual that donates their time for a day of bringing our community together. As we continue to build upon this, our goal is to host a larger event quarterly, so be on the look-out for more info. 

Besides creating the Collective, I’ve also made some MAJOR changes in my life. I know I’ve talked to you about disconnecting in the past, but I’ve taken things to a new level. I recently did a 7-day detox without my phone or computer and it changed my life!  Linking my recent YouTube video where I talk ALL about it here. One of my goals for 2020 and the rest of 2019 is to truly enjoy my time with my husband, my dog, and my family + friends. It’s so easy to get burnt out and caught up with the expectations that society and social media puts on us. But let me tell you something, the only things that are real in this life are the people you surround yourself with, the experiences you have and the places you see. So don’t ever feel bad for sleeping in on the weekends, taking a social media break, and putting your phone down and going on a daily walk. Life is meant to be lived and not meant to be lived through all the screens around us.

So next time you’re out, look up, notice the trees, the sky, the architecture on the buildings and the sounds around you. Take if from this workaholic who has accomplished the most in the past 15years.  I promise, you’ll feel better. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

xx Jen

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