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Jen Atkin’s 2020 Year in Review–COVID 19, Gratitude and What’s Next For Mane Addicts

Hi Mane Fam —

This whirlwind of a year is coming to a close. Despite all the unexpected events, like a global pandemic raging on for the past 9 months and the challenges brought with it, it also came with a few silver linings for a lot of us. More time at home, more time to create content, and a much needed reset from the go-go lifestyles that many of us hairstylists became so accustomed to.

It emphasized the importance of community and being involved. It also encouraged us to be there for our neighbors and together make our voices heard. We were reminded to slow down and make time for self-care (whatever that means for you). 

Practicing gratitude became a part of my daily routine, it’s kept me grounded in what matters. For my husband Mike and I, that’s our friends and family. We’ve been finding ways to connect with friends from a distance, making time for Facetimes and Zooms, and it’s deepened our friendships through more meaningful interaction.

One good thing that happened is that this year has been great for hair health — my styling has been to a minimum and my hair feels super hydrated. Personally, I’ve been heat styling and processing my hair less. It’s been a good year to give your strands some extra attention and love with a mask or treatment.

The Mane Addicts team has stayed busy bringing you all things hair in roundups, breakdowns, and videos. I am so proud of our team for pivoting and creating entertaining and informative content.  Be sure to check out the Mane Addicts YouTube channel to see what our Creator Collective has been up to. We are so excited to be bringing back one of our favorite series… Mane Muse, if you haven’t seen our interview with the inimitable Addison Rae, you need to check out her Y2K-inspired photos stat.

I know this year has been so hard on so many of you out there. Collectively, we have been trying to help keep your heads up and will continue to do so into 2021, which I pray will be bringing highly-anticipated change. Be sure to make time to reflect on the year and find appreciation for any lessons it has brought you. I’m eager to see what’s in store. Stay healthy, safe, and please continue wearing a mask!

Jen Atkin

2 minutes

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