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Jen Atkin’s Summer Check-In: Finding Space and Mood-Boosting Hair

Hi Mane Addicts!

Time just keeps flying, and I know it can’t be just me feeling that. We’re halfway through 2022, and in my world, that means it’s time for a mid-year check-in with myself. I like to review my intentions for the year and the next six months and consider what I want to do, to be, and to have if there is no way to fail (I read this in a book somewhere, so DM me if you know which one).

For Mane Addicts, one of my goals is underway! We’re expanding our headquarters and team—which means we will be able to bring you even more hair content. And speaking of content, I have to plug that we’re having so much fun and growing quickly on TikTok, so if you need hair inspo and tutorials, that’s where to go.

ICYMI, my husband Mike and I are parents of five now (whoa) and took the fam up to Seattle for the summer. We’ve got three rescue pups, Roo, Nugget, and Birdie, and two squishy humans, River and Sloane. We basically have a house full of babies and toddlers and at times it’s a lot to juggle, but mostly I love raising members of the future generation. They’re what gives me hope!

There has also been a *lot* of heaviness going on in our world this summer. I can’t pretend to have all the right answers or actions, but I do know that we can protect each other and create a better world by getting loud, taking action, and being a light. So please make the space to express your feelings, and surround yourself with people who make you feel seen and heard. This summer is a good time to indulge in little joys and practice self-care. Take a bubble bath, give yourself a facial, go on long walks with a friend, try out some new hair looks, etc.

I love seeing the joy hair and makeup is bringing people lately, especially all the fun looks during Pride Month. “Dopamine glam” is a thing and I’m here for it. Trying a bold haircut or a whimsical color or fun hair accessories can give you a mood boost—there’s a reason these things are trending right now. We’re seeing a big embrace of layered haircuts and dramatic chops. And a pop of your favorite color in your hair or makeup feels expressive and fun. It’s a good time to be playful and have fun with your look.

I hope everyone has a slow, relaxing summer, and stays safe. Make time to check in with yourself, and spend time with people who make you laugh.


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