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My Crazy 2018 In Review–Mane Muses, Free Hair Classes and Traveling the World With Revolve

What a year it’s been–2018 was a whirlwind and I’m so excited to look back and see everything that’s been done at Mane Addicts over the past 12 months. We covered a lot of ground and it couldn’t have been done without your support, my girls at Mane Addicts and our influencer friends. 

Fashion Week

One of my goals at Mane Addicts is to allow younger hairstylists to shine thru my platform and help them be a part of the conversation. Nothing makes me happier then seeing their amazing creations and happy clients!! We have a power packed team thanks to the extraordinary styling skills of Britt Sully, Ruslan Nureev, Kathleen Riley, and Cash Lawless. Between going to shows, social posts, booking blowouts, this team is always on-to-go and I’m always so impressed by everything they created this year and beyond.

We also held our bi-annual Mane Addicts NYFW party at the very end of fashion week where everyone that’s been glamming comes out as a last hoorah in celebration of everything that’s been done! Our Mane team really knows how to pull everything together and I couldn’t have done it without them. This is such a great time for me to meet some of the hardworking stylists for fashion week and mingle. Rita Hazan stopped by to say hello, she’s a huge inspiration and has been her business from the ground up. She also makes the BEST root concealer spray that I cannot live without in my kit. 

Then at Paris Fashion Week, we did it all over again and served looks on top influencers–it was a dream come true. 

Jen Atkin Editor letter December 2018 Jen Atkin Editor letter December 2018 Glam for the Gram cookies

Jen Atkin Editor letter December 2018 Allison McNamara

Gigi GorgeousNegin MirsalehiCamila Coelho

WWD Cover 

The whole squad I talk about that makes it so I have as many hours in the day as Beyonce?…this is just SOME of them. Thank you WWD for including them on the cover because I get way too much credit for what’s going on at The OUAI and Mane Addicts and they deserve it the MOST. This shoot was so much fun and it was amazing to be able to include these bad babes in it! Also make note I never went to college so anything is possible Mane fam! Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t reach for the stars!



What’s a festival without great hair?! We team up with Revolve Beauty and sent our Mane Stylists to help get some influencers ready for the Coahcella festivities and they did NOT disappoint. Coachella is a place where anything goes and it’s always so fun for me to see what all of my Mane stylists are cooking up–they keep my creative juices energized!


Beautypop Dubai

Our Mane Addicts Masterclass sponsored by Dyson Hair, The OUAI and Beauty Pop was a total hit!!! Because of these amazing brands we were able to get FREE EDUCATION to the locals in Dubai! I literally pulled girls out of the audience to be my models. Mane Addicts also put together the CUTEST Barbie-insprired salon where some of our stylists were able to style attendees’ hair as well.  


Mane Muse

Of course already being in Dubai and having so many amazing girls attend, we put together another Mane Muse & Mane One-to-Watch shoot. For our Mane Muse, my Brazilian babe that I’m lucky enough to get to style all over the world, Camila Coelho! We had so much fun dolling up looks for her in Dubai and we had Mary Phillips on makeup and Mike on the lens and needless to say, the photos are . We double dipped in Dubai and also did a Mane Addicts One-to-Watch shoot with Marianna Hewitt who is both an amazing content creator and entrepreneur. I’ve seen her set goals and follow through and am so happy for her success. This was extra special because I finally got to shoot with her!


Create Cultivate

Our Mane Addicts squad held it down at the Create and Cultivate Beauty Summit in NYC!! And I also got the chance to interview Chrissy Teigen in a fireside chat that was held here in LA. Thinking about quitting my day jobs and becoming the next Oprah TBH.

Mane University Classes

I’ve spoken before about the importance of education in my own career and this year one of my biggest goals came true, FREE EDUCATION! This honestly has been a goal for years to be able to use whatever connections I have to pay it forward to the struggling hairdresser I was 15 years ago. Mane Addicts has been a passion project of mine for four years now. I’ve never taken any investment and use my own money to fund it and keep it thriving, that’s how much I believe in its mission. It started from me wanting to create a digital community for hairstylists, to show new products on the market, get education to everyone, and to showcase hairstylists around the world creating such amazing looks. And I can’t thank Dyson enough for truly giving back to their consumers & to hairstylists. We need to keep education alive in our industry for EVERYONE. 3 weeks, 3 cities (NYC, LA, San Francisco), 650 students and 1000s of selfies later… I love teaching and connecting with you guys! Looking forward to more classes in 2019!



We sent our Mane stylists out to Bermuda to join forces with Revolve Beauty and create the cutest islands hair looks on these fab influencers. What’s better than a beach & getting your hair done?!

BeautyCon LA

The annual beauty convention, BeautyCon in LA has been known to reel in the biggest beauty brands, influencers and celebrities to host panels, showcase new products being launched and test out new makeup products. We sent Ezgi and Irinel to cover the convention this year.

Revolve Awards

This years Revolve Awards were bigger and better than the last. The newly annual event was held in Las Vegas and our Mane stylists did NOT disappoint when it came to making everyone feel and look their best. 

It was truly a standout year for Mane Addicts and feels like each year is getting better and busier. Thanks for keeping up with us here and please let us know what you want to see on our site this year!


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