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Jen Atkin Talks the Digital Age, Moving Fast, and the Future in Our February Editor Letter

What an intense start to 2017. Regardless of your views politically, there is change happening right now. People’s spirits are awakening.


As a hairstylist, the most interesting thing we can do is connect with our clients; each with different opinions, backgrounds, and concerns. I find that a lot of times I walk away from a salon day thinking less about the hairstyles and more about the conversations. I’m fortunate to work with people in Paris, the UK, Dubai, and recently Australia. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my recent travels, it’s that all eyes are on the US right now. Not only do we tend to start trends in color, extensions, and cuts, but we are leaders in many other ways.


Regardless of the political climate wherever you live, it’s important to understand that social media and technology does not have borders. We are all living similar lives as artists; we crave inspiration and creative outlets. I recently dedicated a full day in Australia to going into local salons meeting fellow artists. Some were just starting their careers, while many told me stories of their 20-30 year journeys that lead to their success.


I always talk about how odd it is starting my career during this digital age. I remember the days we relied on word of mouth. I remember not having Uber during Paris fashion week and walking miles in cobblestone for a taxi. I remember, there was no Pinterest and definitely no Mane Addicts. My biggest piece of advice to all of you budding hairstylists is to NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. Things happen so fast, especially now. Trends come and go quicker, careers are exploding faster, and time just generally seems to be flying by. Use technology to your advantage. I hit up the DM of @natalieannehair, @sophieroberts_hair, and @valonzhaircutter in Australia. We shared stories about difficult clients and being women in haircare. The experience was priceless. Don’t be shy about reaching out to the people you want to collab with, people appreciate even just a note saying you admire their work. It’s easy! I encourage you to use your down time to stay educated: watch YouTube and download e-books. It’s so tempting to constantly check Snap, IG, and Twitter, and we all can admit hours are blown seeing what bag someone bought, but never stop learning. It will save you years that can easily be wasted.


So…. onto the month of Feb. This month I’m going to focus on LOVE, glamorous red carpets, and all the fabulous looks coming out of NYC, Paris, and the UK during fashion week.


This year we are teaming up with the House of Bumble and bumble to host a Mane University class on 2.17.17. Laurent Phillipon, Global Arististic Director for Bumble & bumble, and Scotty Cunha, celebrity hair stylist for Kendall Jenner, Miley Cyrus and Emma Roberts, will showcase the techniques and trends seen on the runways and red carpets.

mane university bumble and bumble

Back in LA, we have the Grammys and Oscars ahead! It’s my favorite time of year to see what so many of my friends create on the red carpet. Stay tuned to the site because we will be showing you the kits of your fav Mane Masters as they get prepped for Hollywood’s most exciting month!! Make sure to keep your eye out for some of our upcoming content with Ipsy influencer, @iamkareno, and our very own creative consultant + previous MA editorial director, and Mane Master, @justinemarjan.


So, happy glamming out there!! Thank you for being a part of our community and let’s get ready to set some summer trends!!


xx Jen

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