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Jen Atkin’s Favorite Place to Find Inspiration

When a girl boss tells you her secrets, you listen, very closely, and take very legible notes. That’s what we did when we asked our Editor in Chief Jen Atkin about her trusty sources of inspiration. With an ever-rising roster of A-list clients and booming haircare company OUAI under her belt, Jen Atkin’s plate (or passport) couldn’t be more full. Turns out, the secret to Jen Atkin hair inspiration is right under our noses. Scroll ahead to find out why Jen became a hairstylist, plus how she combats hairstylists’ block (you know, like writers’ block).

Her first source of inspiration for becoming a hairstylist: Natalie Imbruglia’s Torn music video


Her source of inspiration when she landed her first major clients: Magazines


Where she does her best brainstorming: In the shower


Cities that have inspired her work: Dubai and France


How she fights hairstylists’ block: Goes through Pinterest, checks out maneaddicts.com and refers to Instagram


Where she gets inspiration from, without fail: Mane Addicts Pinterest and Fashion Gone Rogue


For Jen Atkin’s favorite men’s groomers to follow right now, click here.

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