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Hair-apy Sesh with Jen Atkin

As part of a new series, Hair-apy Sesh, we’re asking the hair industry’s most-trusted mavens to divulge their secrets about what products get lifted from their kit, their idea of the most overrated and underrated hair tricks, plus their favorite high-price-tag and drugstore buys that confidently carry them through their bustling careers. First up: Jen Atkin, Founder of Mane Addicts and OUAI Haircare.

What’s the most stolen product from your kit?
Rose Hair Body Oil, because it’s a one-stop-shop, head-to-toe summer staple.

What’s the most underrated hair hack or trick?
The clip trick. It’s an easy low maintenance way to get natural-looking waves. (Spray damp hair generously with OUAI Wave Spray, then use duckbill clips to create a dent in the hair. Pushing the hair up at the root, then clipping into place, pushing the hair up underneath it, and clipping into place until the entire head has been clipped and the hair is in an S-pattern. Let air dry or blow-dry over then remove the clips, scrunch and you’ve got beach waves!)

What’s the most overrated hair hack or trick?
I hate the misconception that beautiful hair takes all day to achieve. It’s not true! You don’t need a glamsquad to look your best. I tell all my clients and followers that the Dyson Supersonic is key for quick-styling because it’s so smart. The focused airflow cuts down on styling time, the nozzles are easy to change and it’s temperature self-monitors so that it never causes heat damage. In the same way, every single OUAI product is created specifically for the girl-on-the-go. I swear you’ll have the best hair of your life, smell amazing and be out in five minutes or less.

What’s one expensive product that’s worth every penny?
Mason Pearson Brush

What’s the most underrated drugstore product?
Gorilla Snot

If you only had time to use one product on a client, what would it be?
OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray. It has components of a dry shampoo, holds style & adds volume!

Fill in the blank:
If I wasn’t a hairstylist, I would be working at The Vanderpump Dog Foundation.

I hate it when I’m doing someone’s hair and the makeup artist tells me to stop.

When I’m styling someone’s hair, I’m usually trying to remember what time or day it is.



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