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How Jen Atkin Is Giving Back This Thanksgiving

November is here and while we may have the tradition of gathering around the table with our loved ones and chowing down on turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pies with our loved ones–let’s remember that for many folks things will be a little different this Thanksgiving. Between the hurricanes in the Caribbean destroying entire islands, the hurricanes and earthquakes in Mexico, massive destruction in both Texas and Northern California, and the most fatal mass shooting in American history in Las Vegas–2017 brought much tragedy and heartbreak this year. And in the midst of all life’s madness, I’m continuously reminded that nothing matters more than being well, being healthy and being safe.

So many people lost their homes and even family members between everything that happened this year. Some people have lost it all with months and even years of repair and will have a steady climb to get back to the life they once had. Good thing is, there are ways we can give back so I’ve included a few of my favorite charities below so you can help make a difference. 

During my travels to the Middle East this fall, I got to see my Saudi girls and I’m ecstatic for the progress being made since they have finally been granted the right to drive, which is just one step closer to women equality in the country. Mane Fam, it is important that as stylists in the industry, even as humans more importantly, we use our platform to bring awareness to things that matter most. It’s also important we continue to change the conversation from not only bringing awareness to taking action. So because of this, I’ve put a list together of some charities doing amazing things for those affected by the hurricane, earthquake and even included links to programs supporting children with creative outlets.

This Thanksgiving and always, be sure to hold those close to you tight and appreciate the small things in life because you just never know when things will change. Let’s spread the good in anyway we can, be positive, grateful but most of all, thankful. Below are a few photos of me and my fam and I cannot wait to celebrate with them and eat all holiday weekend!

Jen Atkin Family Photos Thanksgiving

Jen Atkin Family Photos Thanksgiving

Jen Atkin Family Photos Thanksgiving

Jen Atkin Family Photos Thanksgiving

Charities for donation:

Puerto Rico:





Student Programs:



Earthquake relief (Mexico):

Direct Relief – Mexico

xx Jen

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