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A Letter From Our She-E-O, Jen Atkin on the Importance of Education

Jen Atkin Different Life Quote Mane Addicts

November is a time where we at Mane Addicts want to stop and give THANKS. Its been 2 years since we launched and we are so grateful for the support and love of our readers and our community of hairstylists. It also just happens to be election month this year, and an important time for making decisions that can change our future.

This month at Mane University we decided to give thanks to our professional stylists followers by teaming up with Beauty Works to hold an LA extensions seminar featuring myself and Sarah Conner, celebrity extension and colorist. We’ve arranged to teach our first ever FREE class so that all students get the opportunity to learn!!

I’ve spoken before about the importance of education in my own career and we have so many exciting events this month with MANE MASTERS headlining!  Our team will be attending and reporting back to you from classes by Kevin Murphy (visiting from Australia), R + CO, Schwarzkopf Professional, and sitting down with Christophe Robin (coming all the way from Paris)!

Its also no secret that I love the fact that we have a potential WOMAN President!! I know its been a controversial election this year but we can’t ignore what a HUGE accomplishment this is for women all over the globe! I have a soft spot in my heart for female entrepreneurs and this month we have features covering Sarah Potempa and her Beachwaver as they take over the Victoria Secret show in Paris, Lottie Tomlinson who influences our bleach blonde hair all the way from the UK, Kim Kimble as she builds her hair empire here in Los Angeles, and finally Ashley Streicher (of the Streicher sisters trifecta) as she and her team continue to grow and inspire up and coming stylists and business women.

As we are focusing on giving back, we were lucky enough to get invited to the Los Angeles LGBT  Youth Center’s ‘Beauty Day’ .  The day involves discussion on self esteem, working with hair stylists, fashion designers,  and makeup artists who will be giving the youth makeovers.  I am so excited about connecting with those who need encouragement or who are going through a hard time. Don’t forget my quote of the month “You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.”

I know we can all think back to that certain someone who helped make a huge difference in your path in life, and I am all about paying it forward!! I challenge all of you reading this to try to make a difference this month in once person’s life.

In good hair and health,

Jen Atkin

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