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Jen Atkin on COVID-19 Impacting the Hair Industry, Pivoting, and Registering to VOTE

Hey everyone–

First off–I think it’s safe to say that 2020 has not been the year we thought it would be.

We’re going into our sixth month (!!!) of the Covid-19 pandemic and it’s been devastating for so many people. We’ve been adjusting to this new normal of social distancing and quarantining, but this has been a very challenging time for our industry. Salons, freelance hairstylists, hair colorists, and makeup artists have collectively felt the impact of the virus.

Times like this give life to incredible creativity. My amazing team at Mane Addicts wanted to find a way to support hairstylists during this time so we launched the “Create with Mane” initiative to help uplift stylists stuck at home. We were able to partner with 15 brands and 225 stylists to giveaway 2,344 units of hair products to stylists. It’s been great seeing what content they created with the products and tools under the #createwithmane tag, make sure to check it out!

During quarantine I have been working hard on trying to navigate my businesses and teams during this uncertain time. Its been such a whirlwind but I have to give credit to our teams for pivoting and adjusting to our new normal of WFH or “Live at Work.”

Working from home has been one zoom after another, but I’m so grateful that we at OUAI x Mane are able to continue to create products and content for you guys. The Hoffman Process daily meditations and a gratitude journal became a part of my daily routine and have been so helpful. Mike and I have been reading a lot and actually watching tv together, he’s also made a lot of bread 🤣. We’ve been wearing masks and social distancing when seeing our friends, so we can get through this scary pandemic as quickly as possible! 

I really want to encourage you to please get out and vote this November if you live in the USA. Our voices matter and we can make the world a better place for all people by changing the systems that are hurting so many communities and our planet. Make sure you’re registered to vote. Sign petitions when you see them. Check your state’s dates for registration, absentee and mail-in ballot request deadlines. FYI – California’s voter registration deadline is October 19th.


One good thing thats happened in 2020 is I’ve started filming new content in the studio again and loving it. The Mane Addicts Creator Collective has been creating content all of quarantine as well so make sure you check out what they’ve been doing on our Mane Addicts YouTube channel.

I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe healthy and informed. Take care of and make time for yourself. check in on your coworkers and friends. This pandemic won’t last forever. Let’s be kind and help each other through this. And don’t forget to wear your mask.


Jen Atkin

2 minutes

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