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Jetset Jen Atkin: See Her Month Long Travel Diary!

Our editirix-in-cheif, Jen Atkin, just touched down from a whirlwind month traveling from New York to Milan to Paris for fashion month, followed by tending to her Middle East clients in Bahrain and Dubai. After that–a quick jaunt to Singapore for Ouai and then back to LA. Oh, and then a glamorous weekend in NYC glamming up Bella Hadid, Kaia Gerber, and fashion blogger Camila Coelho. Below, Jen’s October editor letter and a look at never-before-seen photos from her month long travel.

On fashion month…

It was that time of year again, Fashion Month! And this year we hit up NYFW, MFW, and PFW and took the whole #JenAtkinArmy with me to glam all the beautiful women to attend shows and events­. This was my ninth year attending fashion week in Paris and I still can’t believe it. I’ve for sure come a long way–from pre-Uber rides, to now having my own line of products to style the most glamorous women. It’s a whirlwind and I sometimes wonder if it’ll be my last, but I’m always so grateful to be working with such amazing women and do what I’m most passionate about. This year we hit up #MFW for the first time and it was interesting to see how different each city is for fashion week, with different designers and shows in different cities. Let’s just say, I thoroughly enjoyed eating all the pasta I could. See below for a recap of some of the trip!


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Donation ponytails for breast cancer…

After Paris Fashion Week, I traveled to the Middle East to tend to my clients in both Dubai and Bahrain, and after that I went to Singapore on official Ouai duties. Traveling abroad, I realized how brave women have become to cut their hair! It didn’t take any convincing, actually. The best part about it all is so many have volunteered to donate their long ponytails. With breast cancer awareness being this month, it’s a great way to be able to help other women who are perhaps in need. I love that so many women are breaking out of their comfort zone and embracing short cuts and becoming more comfortable rocking new looks that they probably didn’t even consider a year ago. And if you’re considering getting the big chop, here are some ways you can donate your long ponytail for a good cause: Pantene Beautiful Lengths, Locks of Love and Wigs for Kids donation.

All Hallow’s Eve…

With Halloween right around the corner, wigs are always an easy way to really bring your costume to life. It’s important to never take yourself too seriously and have fun with different looks, especially on Halloween. I’m so interested in seeing what everyone will dress up as this year. There’s a huge ’90s movement happening so I think we might see many recreations from ’90s movies, shows and cartoon characters. Just remember, we work hard all year, so dressing up for a day, should be something we should all try to make time for!


Speaking of Halloween… HERE are Halloween hairstyles that are so good, you won’t even need a costume!

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