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Jen Atkin Shares 4 Tips on How to Stand Out on Instagram

Hey Mane Fam!

Are you ready? Because this year Mane Addicts has a lot in store for all you hairstylists out there–things you don’t want to miss!! The team at Mane Addicts wants to recognize hairstylists across the world, people just like YOU. We’re all about showcasing creativity, so make sure you tag us @maneaddicts in your posts if you want the opportunity to be featured by us…. and tag brands too!  We want to know what you’re obsessing over, what products, tools, hair accessories you name it are being used to get the amazing looks you guys are dishing out. Want to stand out? Here are a few pro-tips to stand out in the talented sea of stylists: 


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1. Creativity

First and foremost, be creative! Find inspiration everywhere and in everything.  Beauty is all around us, in nature and in the people you know and love!  Don’t be afraid to try new things and put your own twist on a classic style. I know it can be hard to find fresh new ideas when there are so many of us, but put a bit of yourself into it, that’s always a good place to start! Don’t be afraid to try something different!  

2. Diversify your skill set and types of texture

Remember all those things we learned in beauty school like roller sets, or finger waves?! Use these skills to create amazing looks that are different from your everyday beach wave. Be sure you’re working on different hair textures as well.  You want to be well versed in all hair types and not intimidated of anything that could come your way.  You never want to say NO to an amazing opportunity because you’re unprepared!

3. Get lit

And as we all know through endless selfies, lighting plays a huge part in how your pictures come out. When photographing your work, natural lighting is always helpful. If you don’t have great natural lighting available in your space, invest in a ring light if you can.  It’ll make your photos look much more professional, not to mention it’ll make your feed look amazing and we’ll be more likely to repost you!

4. Mood board, then make the magic

And of course…. make mood boards!  You know how much I love a mood board, right?!?!  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.  Once you get going with a mood board, ideas soon follow.  You’ll find that one good idea can lead to many and then you’re off to the races, like Roo Rosenthal chasing after her toy. I’m constantly screen shotting images of amazing styles I see and every month or so I’ll make new mood boards and albums in my iCloud to organize all the photos.  Getting into this practice helps me immensely whenever I’m brainstorming ideas or preparing for a shoot.

Be sure to tag us @maneaddicts if you want the opportunity for us to repost your work!  We can’t wait to see all the amazing looks you guys put together this coming year. 

Good Luck out there Mane Fam and can’t wait to see your work!




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