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Jen Atkin on Expansion, Spring Hair Trends, and Self-Care

Hi, Mane Addicts fam!

Wow, it’s April of 2022—our first busy IRL April in a long time.

I think we’ve all been welcoming new aspects and chapters of life this year. Mike and I brought home a sister for River, our baby girl Sloane. And have adopted two new puppies, Nugget and Birdie, so Roo has a lot of new siblings. We’re officially a household of seven! Our life really expanded this year. We feel so fortunate and our days are full of training, treats, and diaper changes.

Speaking of expansion, our Mane Addicts team grew this year, too. We have welcomed so many new faces to our creative, marketing, social, and booking teams. Seeing the amazing progress our team is making each week on Zoom has been amazing. Between our brand partnerships, hairstylist bookings, content creation, and editorial pieces, we have been a busy bunch.

Its also been so fun to see the return of awards shows, festivals, and red carpets—all the glam squads out there have been hustling! I’m especially proud of our Creator Collective artists and all of the looks they’ve created.

On the topic of spring trends, it’s safe to say copper-red hair is having a moment. From Kendall Jenner’s show-stopping red debuting at Prada during PFW and Sydney Sweeney’s light-catching copper blonde, we’re going to see the hair color warming up this spring. Also, the bob is back in full swing. We all got our hair healthy and grew it out over the last few years, and a dramatic chop is a great way to embrace change. We’re still seeing a lot of natural texture and styles reminiscent of the early 2000s. I’m personally so happy to see everyone out and having fun with their looks again.

I think we all learned a lot about ourselves over the past couple of years and, as more starts to happen and the world opens up, I just want to remind everyone to make time for themselves. Do things to fuel you. Spring cleaning is more than tidying up your space, it’s also a good time to clear out habits that don’t serve you and set new ones that do. I use a habit tracker and a gratitude journal to visualize what is serving me and how I can keep managing my time in ways that make me happy.

My hope for all of us this year is to root for each other, continue to build community, do things IRL, uplift our friends, and contribute kindness to the world. There’s never too much of that.

Jen xx

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