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Jen Atkin on Her Own Prom, Stress Management, and Festival Season!

With fashion week and award season behind us, its an exciting time to move into festival, prom, and wedding season. Coachella Weekend 1 just wrapped, and although it was #nochella for me, it’s always a fun time of the year to see what looks my friends and clients create for the fairgrounds. After all, it’s the time where literally anything goes! And it’s so awesome to see how creative hair has become. April is also stress management month, which can be a hard one for those of us working multiple jobs, running companies, and chasing our dreams. I’ve put together a few of my tips on how I stay sane on the reg (hint: a lot of apps are involved.) Finally, we are also in the midst of prom season! We recently did a beautiful prom editorial with Dove Cameron. Read on to hear a little bit about my very own prom, how I manage stress, and festival season!

Jen Atkin stress management prom festival season Coachella 


Working nonstop and running multiple businesses can definitely be super stressful at times.  I wanted to share my favorite apps that help me get thru my days. From Insta cart (grocery delivery), Trello (for sharing to do lists with my assistants), Postmates (food delivery), Uber, and my ical (which now is shared by 11 people on my team), they all allow me to stay organized and work efficiently throughout the day.  I rely so much on technology that I listen to the sound of rain on my Sleep Pillow app!  It seriously helps me fall asleep when I’m on an airplane or jet lagged in my hotel.  Taking care of yourself is super important when under stress, so I make sure to take the right vitamins and eat well balanced meals throughout the day. I have seen from my clients throughout the years how much stress can have an impact on our health and hair!! The fact that after giving birth and breastfeeding women lose their hair around the hairline?? I mean cmonnnn! lol. That’s just mean, hormones!!


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I’ll never forget my first Coachella back in 2006 when I was working on Madonna’s tour doing hair for all of her dancers.  It was so exciting to be apart of the scene and to see all the different hair trends and fashion.  Cut to 11 years later… This festival season I got to create an amazing line of festival-inspired hair accessories with Chloe and Isabel!  From cool headbands that you can also wear as a choker, to boho ponytail pieces and braid charms, I’m super excited to see how you all use these pieces!  OUAI is also featured in the Sephora tent where we will be using our latest product launches and doing amazing braids on festival beauties!  Crazy pinch me moment.


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Here’s what I was actually doing Coachella Weekend 1 #Farmchella #HappyEaster.


In the E-I-E-I-O tent #Farmchella

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Omg I remember my prom like it was yesterday. I was obsessed with Beverly Hills 90210 and always dreamed of what life and fashion would be like in California! Who knew I would live here one day!! I went to high school in a small town in Utah and my mom made my prom dress, so it was a little different from Brenda Walsh’s 90210 experience. It’s so fun for women to get all dolled up and prom is one of the first nights girls get to play with different looks.  We used to get to dressed up, wear a LOT more makeup, and get our hair done into a stiff ’90s ‘DO. I don’t think I have any pics from any proms–it’s too mortifying!

It’s really funny, I look at prom pics now and girls are so smart. They can do their own makeup and they look WAY too good and don’t have to try as hard as we did back then.  I love the modern day high schooler because I feel like girls don’t have to conform to one type of look.  There are so many amazing trends now that suit whatever personality you’re feeling at the time.

I can’t wait to see all of your amazing pics from prom and we are working on a little something this month at Mane so I just might be able to relive my Prom moments but this time in the real 90210 zip code!!! stay tuned!!

xx Jen

Make sure to keep up-to-date with me @JenAtkinHair. And if you’re in San Francisco, I’m teaching a Mane University class on May 8th, get your tickets ASAP!


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