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Ummm, can somebody tell me what day of the week it is?!!  I lost track of time somewhere between NYFW and PFW!  

First, let me apologize for the massive delay with this month’s editor letter but the past month has been crazy-insane busy! Fashion month, as usual, was a total whirlwind. Throw in some post-PFW salon days in the Middle East, plus a OUAI/Dyson press day and top it off with my birthday and boy, I sure could use a nap!  

As tired as I may be, I’m feeling especially happy and proud this year as Mane Addicts took things to the next level! This season we partnered with the hugely successful REVOLVE and sent out a team of TALENTED AF stylists to NYC & Paris to glam up some of the top influencers in the game and they killed it!  It was truly a success and those who know me know that there’s nothing more I love than seeing talented young stylists on the come up!   

After my 10 years of Fashion Weeks I’m thrilled to say that they keep getting better and better!  My team and I have continued to fine tune our execution–with a little help from Uber!–which makes everything much more enjoyable.  And bringing more and more stylists into the mix to share amazing opportunities such as NYFW or PFW is so important for our industry and all of you up-and-coming super star stylists!

This month we also celebrated International Women’s Day which really had me thinking about all the amazing female founders and women in the industry that are doing so well. Just to name a few Sally Hershberger, Odile Gilbert, Lacy Redway, Jennifer Yepez, Laura Polko, Justine Marjan, Ursula Stephens, Sarah Potempa, Natalie Anne, Alli Webb, Rita Hazan, and of course Tracey Cunningham! Also want to shout out some up and coming stylists that have been killing it as well, Kathleen, Britt Sully, Alex Brown, Carly Walters, Irinel, and Amanda Lee.

To the pioneers, trailblazers, innovators and all around BOSS ASS B’s out there, don’t stop doing what you’re doing, get out there and make it all happen! 


Jen Atkin

2 minutes

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