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Jen Atkin’s Top 10 Greatest Hair Hits

Jen Atkin Greatest Hair HItsOur fearless leader and SHE-E-O Jen Atkin has been making major waves in the hair industry lately (and we’re not just talking about her hairstyles!!) We’re so excited to give all our Mane-Masters-in-training the chance to learn her hair hacks and pro tips at Mane University this summer, so as we get ready to head on tour to the UK and Hawaii, we knew it was the perfect time to celebrate some of her most magical #manemoments with a roundup of Jen’s greatest hair hits! Keep scrolling to see her top 10 styles that slay, and for the ultimate celebrity manespiration…

SOFIA VERGARASofia Vergara Known for voluminous bombshell waves that could make any man swoon, Jen’s collaboration with Sofia Vergara for her Pepsi campaign was a match made in hair heaven! Jen knocked it out of the park with this style, giving Sofia a healthy dose of sassy and playful curls.


KIM KARDASHIANKim Kardashian Platinum BlondeWho could forget when Kim infamously broke the internet by becoming a platinum blonde?! The shocking shade complemented by sophisticated, soft waves made us do a double take when this cover hit the stands. While we love Kim’s signature long, raven-haired locks, a roundup of Jen’s most spectacular mane moments wouldn’t be complete without including Kim’s experimental blonde mane.


BELLA HADIDBella Hadid Cannes Film Festival 2016Bella’s mane game has been going strong lately, and her latest looks from this year’s Cannes Film Festival killed it courtesy of Mane Master Atkin! A subtle nod to the 90’s with swoon worthy face-framing tendrils and a messy updo made for a sophisticated, sultry look that not only blew us away, it easily made our top ten.


ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELYRosie Huntington WhitelySleek center part + chic chignon? Yes please! Remember when Rosie traded in her trademark LA waves for this flirty, knotted chignon to celebrate Paris fashion week? We love when celebrities go against the grain and take bold risks with their mane (and did we mention we’re a sucker for a good style?!) Ladies in search of the perfect polished look for transitioning seamlessly from day-to-night, have no fear! Click here for a step-by-step tutorial to steal Rosie’s hairstyle.


KYLIE JENNERKylie JennerThe queen of the ultimate hair transformation, Jen and Kylie created a surprisingly subtle but altogether gorgeous look for her Elle cover spread, donning a beautiful shade of bombshell blonde complete with “I woke up like this” waves that would give any girl hair envy. Anyone else starting to think the Kardashian-Jenner klan should permanently embrace their inner blonde?!


CHRISSY TEIGENChrissy Teigen at the Grammy'sA refreshing change from her signature beachy waves, Chrissy wowed us at the Grammy’s this year with this chicest, sleekest high pony of our dreams! This refined and elegant ‘do was so good, it almost upstaged her glowing skin and adorable baby bump. If you’re loving this look as much as we are, click here to cop Chrissy’s style!



Gwen StefaniThe definition of badass babe, Gwen’s Vogue cover has us lusting after gold sequins and the perfect summer chapeau. Known for her perfect shade of platinum and her quirky style, we love Jen’s choice to keep it classic, creating perfectly tousled waves that scream take me out for a night on the town. Why don’t you channel your inner Hollaback Girl and peep our fave hats?!


KENDALL JENNERKendall JennerOriginally a staple for gym rats everywhere, Jen gave the bubble pony a much-needed infusion of high fashion and created this flirty prom-approved hairstyle that we’re super sweet on. Don’t get us wrong, we love Kendall’s natural, lived-in texture as much as the next Mane Addict, but we’ll fall for an unconventional and fresh hairstyle every time! Feeling bubbly? Try Kendall’s hairstyle on for size!


CINDY CRAWFORDCindy CrawfordLBH, Jen’s greatest hair hits wouldn’t be complete without our favorite OG supermodel Cindy Crawford. Forever slaying glossy Hollywood curls, Cindy’s mane is the definition of healthy hair goals! Truly a mane masterpiece, Jen (and Cindy) make it look so easy to exude glam and beauty.


KHLOE KARDASHIANKhloe KardashianMaster et muse at its finest, Jen and Khloe have created some major mane magic together. By far and away, our absolute fave was when Jen (finally) convinced Khlo-money to make the big chop! While we love when she sports classic It-girl waves, this effortlessly textured lob has inspired many a makeover in the last few months and it’s easy to see why! We give Khloe’s fresh cut a perfect 10!

Which look is your fave?! Were there any of Jen’s best #manemoments we missed? Tell us below!

Plus, for the opportunity to learn FIRSTHAND from our hair hero and the master behind the mane herself, join us at Mane University to learn our Jen’s ultimate tricks of the trade and her secret to success.




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