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How I Keep a Work Life Balance and Staying Unique

Hi Mane Addicts fam all the way from Ibiza! I feel so fortunate I get to travel and do what I love and want to share a few thoughts with you.

Not sure how June is here already, but I use this month to check in on the goals I set in January so when July 1st comes along I am ready AF to kick start the second half of the year. Here is an amazing chart that I use to help me set goals and see where I’m at in all aspects of my life.  I promise if you get in the habit of trying to find work/life balance and setting goals you will see so much progress in your life!

Life Map Career Balance Jen Atkin Editor Letter

This is especially true in the business of doing hair. NEVER STOP LEARNING! A wise man once said, “The opposite of courage is conformity” and I have tried to follow that in all I do with my life and career. There’s no single formula for being successful in this business, but there is a way to stand out. Remember to be yourself with your own unique style and don’t be shy about putting your own twist on things and your own methods and personality–that’s where it all begins and it’s the best way to ensure that you stay true to yourself.  Ultimately, your greatness and uniqueness will be reflected in your work as a hairstylist when you remain true to these ideals, and your clients will notice it and appreciate it.

June is also PRIDE Month around the world and there’s something very special to me about celebrating all that Pride stands for.  Now more than ever is a time when taking a positive stance against discrimination and violence is extraordinarily important, both for the LGBTQ+ community, as well as for women and minorities.  It’s something I try to talk a lot about with my friends, my co-workers, my clients and other businesswomen alike. PRIDE.  It means so much to stand up this month (and always) to shout out with pride that we are our own people with different thoughts, aspirations, likes, dislikes and preferences, and all of those things are what makes each of us interesting. So shoutout to all of the HAIR fam out there apart of the LGBTQ community! We love you and support you always!!

This month also brings us Father’s Day and another reason I am sitting here right now and feeling blessed is because of my Dad.  He has helped guide me during the good times and bad and I just wanted to give a little shout out to him and all the other Dad’s out there who are helping to raise all the strong, honest, and powerful future leaders of our country.

xx Jen Atkin

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