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The Cut of The Century Featuring David Von Cannon + Jen Atkin

It’s not often that you catch a mane master in front of the comb, especially when talking about celebrity stylist Jen Atkin.  A powerhouse for hair, she hardly has a moment to sit; let alone endure an ENTIRE haircut.  However, with a moments notice that crème de la crème coiffure David Von Cannon was in town, she bent at the opportunity and shed her signature long locks, to try something new.

The Chop:

“I have been the biggest hypocrite about my own hair and always tell clients to get out of their greasy ponytails and buns, it was time for me to take the plunge and there are few hairstylists I would trust. David is one of my favorites.”

“Jen is a dear friend, so what was I supposed to do when she wanted a power bitch haircut….just cut it off!”

 As you may be well aware of, the mid-length cut is one of our favorite trends right now. Curious about trying to cut yourself?  Take a peek at our guide. Don’t forget to follow David on Instagram to see more images of his amazing work!

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