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Jennifer Behr Just Launched a Collab With Crown Affair—Here’s What You Need to Know, Straight From the Designer

Nothing gives us the warm and fuzzies quite like two of our favorite hair brands coming together for a killer collab! The most recent? Jennifer Behr and Crown Affair released The Crown Kit today, Feb. 9.

The limited-edition box set ($220) includes JB’s best-selling, hammered silk Tori Headband in Crown Affair’s signature green, along with Crown Affair’s smoothing Tsubaki seed hair oil.

Eager to learn more about the Jennifer Behr and Crown Affair pairing, we reached out to the high-end hair accessory queen, herself. Keep reading for everything Jennifer had to tell Mane Addicts about the partnership.

(Photo courtesy of Jennifer Behr)

Mane Addicts: How did the Crown Affair collaboration come to be?

Jennifer Behr: Dianna [Cohen] reached out to us this past summer to see how our brands could work together, and right away it felt like a natural partnership. Both our brands have a similar vision, which is quality haircare products in every sense of the word. For us, that means a luxurious headband that is both gentle and comfortable. For Crown Affair, it’s a hand-crafted comb or thoughtfully curated oil. We combined our passions and expertise to create this kit.

We came up with The Crown Kit to share two products our customers love: Crown Affair’s nourishing “The Oil” and our silk Tori Headband. The pairing is an expression of elegant natural beauty and these items perfectly complement each other for a decadent at-home ritual.

(Photo courtesy of Jennifer Behr)

MA: What do you love most about the brand?

JB: The care that goes into each Crown Affair product. Dianna has built her brand with so much thought and precision, and she offers customers a totally new take on daily haircare rituals. As another female founder, it’s great to hear Dianna’s inspiration behind products like her handcrafted combs and luscious oil. This is a big reason we decided to partner-up. Like us, their items are handmade and that attention to detail is something that we want to support in brands we align ourselves with. It’s something that I think should be celebrated.

(Photo courtesy of Jennifer Behr)

MA: What excites you most about the collaboration?

JB: It’s been a long time coming since we started talking about the collaboration, and I’m just excited for it to be out there for everyone to try. Our teams came together to create something truly stunning in design and that speaks to both brands’ aesthetics. We called it The Crown Kit so customers can smooth their strands with The Oil and lift their crown towards the sky with a Jennifer Behr headband.

(Photo courtesy of Jennifer Behr)

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