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Add a Mystical Touch to Your Tresses with Jennifer Behr’s New Fall Hair Accessories

Swarovski crystal-encrusted circlets, crowns, and velvet bow barrettes—the sparkle Jennifer Behr’s new fall collection exudes is enough to make one swoon. It’s all in the (dainty) details, really. While each piece, handmade in New York, has aesthetic appeal, each accessory’s deeper meaning shines the brightest. We talked to the woman behind the magic, Jennifer Behr, about that meaning and more, like where she finds inspiration for creating red carpet and real girl-worthy pieces, and the accessories trends to keep an eye out for—scroll ahead now for our interview with the blingy accessories buff.

What were the sources of inspiration for the collection? 

Witches, moonlight and mysterious magical evenings. The fall collection is an homage to powerful women and the forces of the universe larger than all of us.

Do you have any favorite pieces that stand out above the rest? Or go-to pieces that you personally wear?

I adore the celestial styles like our Luna Earring, Nova Bandeaux and Star Bobby Pins. For day-to-day, I really love our velvet bows for fall – so elegant and chic. We’re also seeing turbans and our knit hats in a big way. I think everyone needs a wardrobe of all different kinds of accessories for different occasions.

What was the most challenging part about creating the collection? 

There’s actually a lot of engineering that goes into the pieces—making accessories that look effortless and light, and sitting on the body and hair without looking heavy. There’s a lot of editing and redesigning until the perfect piece is created.

What hair trends do you predict will be popular this season?

Velvet bows were all over the fall runways and our velvet bow barrette has been selling out everywhere. And turbans, turbans, turbans!

We’re also seeing a lot of women changing their hair and going short – Katy Perry, Zoe Kravitz, Cara Delevingne, Janelle Monae. A lot of people think hair accessories are just for long hair, but actually short hair is perfect for headpieces – it’s a great way to get some variety when your hair is short. Janelle wore one of our headpieces to the Oscars this year to debut her new pixie cut, and Mara Roszak has been styling Cara with our turbans over her short ‘do.

Aster Bobby Pin Set Jennifer Behr hair accessories

Where do you look when you need a boost in inspo? 

I’m a magpie vintage collector and I love looking at the craftsmanship of vintage jewelry for inspiration.  I also adore flower design and I’m always looking at @metafloranyc and @foxfodderfarm‘s Instagrams for a dose of daily beauty.

How have bridal accessory trends (and accessories in general) changed since you launched your company in 2005? 

Style is becoming more and more about individuality, and not looking “cookie-cutter” is more important now than ever. When I started years ago, there were no sophisticated headpieces out there at all. Everything was cheap or super functional. Now, whether it’s from our fashion or our bridal collection, women want to look like themselves and explore their own style. Headpieces are like jewelry for the head, so they have trends that shift all the time – just like jewelry does.

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