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Every Bride NEEDS to See These Stunning Jennifer Behr Hair Accessories

When you look into your closet, we’re sure you see a slew of shoes and other accessories to accent any look you pull together. Well, with the release of the Jennifer Behr Spring 2017 collection, the famed designer thinks you should also make space in your arsenal of accoutrements for hair accessories. When we think about it, it’s a pretty genius idea. And she’s giving us all we’ll ever need with her deliciously decadent assortment for the season. Though her brand is “fashion-first” and makes sure to include a hearty helping of on-trend designs, it’s also built on those long-lasting pieces you can wear day-in and day-out.

We sat down with Jennifer at her NYC studio to learn about her Spring 2017 collection and why the idea of a hair accessories wardrobe is a focus of hers. You won’t want to miss these stunning Jennifer Behr spring hair accessories along with BTS shots inside her swanky NYC studio.

Designer Jennifer Behr Studio NYC

What inspired your Spring collection?

For me, hair accessories are naturally just so romantic and bohemian. Summer is the perfect time to grow your hair out, which makes your tresses perfect for fun hair pieces. This season, I was inspired by the wildness of nature. I worked a lot with color this time around, which produced this organic and hand-crafted feeling.

Jennifer Behr Spring hair accessories leave bun accesory

Jennifer Behr Spring Hair Accessories 2017 Gold leaf headband

The Oscars took place recently and it was a big night for your brand and the gorgeous Janelle Monae wore one of your crowns. Is celebrity dressing of particular importance for you?

Yes, celeb dressing is important for my brand. We approach it in a very organic way, as we work with a lot of celebrity hair stylists. Often, they want an accessory to work with and we find what they do with the designs so inspiring. Hair accessories can be so creative and it also influences the way the average consumer feels about it, when they see it on a star. The recommendation of a hairstylist or their favorite entertainer who shows them how to work a piece gives women more confidence to try those designs every day.


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How are you approaching the evolution of your brand?

More videos and more content. The former takes more time to develop, but we do hope people will be inspired by how to wear our pieces from them. When I first started my brand, there weren’t any cool hair accessories that were approaching them in a fashionable way, so we’re figuring out how to educate our customers.

Social media almost has a built-in education component and so many brands have leveraged it over the past couple of years. How important are platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest for you?

The spread of all things digital and images has made things move much faster. More people are discovering the brand and my pieces. 50% of our customers are international, so there’s really an appetite for what I’m creating worldwide. Social media is super cool. I love when we get tagged because a bride wore something I made. Getting those glimpses into my customers’ lives and to be a part of their everyday is magical. It’s amazing to think that they love the designs enough that they want to show them to everyone. I make all these things and wonder where they go. It’s cool to see where they end up.

 Jennifer Behr Spring 2017 hair accessories flower pin

Jennifer Behr spring hair accessories gold floral headpiece

Brides go crazy over your pieces! Do you approach bridal any differently now than how you did when you started?

Our goal is to inject fashion into bridal. When we started there was nothing—just tiaras that were very princess-like. I started my bridal collection so that my friends and editors I had great relationships with could wear them at their ceremonies. Eva Chen was our first bride. We started it that way to make our pieces reflect someone’s personal sense of style. It has to be elevated but it should still look like who the bride is. We’re a fashion brand first.

With the proliferation of see now, buy now, brands are totally rethinking the seasonal fashion schedule. Have you revamped your approach to it as well?

We do four fashion collections a year. The launch is timed to when we’re shipping to our retail partners. Right now, I’m in Paris four times a year. And what’s nice is that one of my designs doesn’t go out of style in four months. We keep our core styles and bestsellers in the assortment throughout the year and rotate them in and out. E-Commerce also allows me to bring pieces back whenever I choose. All of the designs are made in the States which helps and we order everything in small batches and production runs.

Jennifer Behr Spring hair accessories 2017 floral headband

Jennifer Behr Spring 2017 Earrings

Designing four collections a year is no small feat! Where do you pull inspiration from year-round?

It’s a mix of a lot of things. Everything rolls together, but I’m always inspired by vintage. My dry cleaner thinks I should open a clothes museum because I have such an incredible love for vintage clothing. I just bought this bird-embroidered tunic from Mexico which I adore. I’m constantly inspired by handmade things and beautiful objects because there’s a real soul in them. When I recently went to Asia for a month, I was picking up pieces in Korea and Japan constantly.

Jennifer Behr spring accessories Studio Photo

Jennifer Behr spring accessories Studio Photo

Do you have any special projects or collaborations coming up?

We just collaborated with Lela Rose for Fashion Week, which was so much fun. And for Fall our knits collection and jewelry have been really popular, so we’re figuring out how to expand those categories. Our hand-enameled pieces were also a dream to create. I believe women should have a hair accessory wardrobe the same way we do with our shoes. I’m a big proponent of always adding some bobby pins or a gorgeous barrette, if they work with your look. If you wouldn’t wear the same jewelry for every occasion, then you should absolutely buy different hair accessories to wear them different ways in that same vein.

How gorgy are Jennifer Behr’s spring hair accessories? Follow @jenniferbehr on Instagram for all the mane inspiration you need this season! Will you be building up your hair accessories wardrobe for Spring? 

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