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MANESPIRATION: Jennifer Hudson’s Super-Short Sleek Pixie

Jennifer Hudson Pixie

Jennifer Hudson is serving major face these days. Because “who needs hair, when u serving face!

Jennifer Hudson Pixie

The singer did away with her funky banged pixie for something even shorter. Hudson is currently rocking a very sleek slicked-back pixie. We’re not even sure if we can even consider this look a pixie as it almost looks like a bald hairdo.

Jennifer Hudson Pixie

JHud is giving us 90s R&B (could this be a sign of a new album?!) with those chic gelled down edges. She even gave her wardrobe some edge, donning a lot of dark colors and slinky dresses. Hudson’s super short ‘do has apparently also inspired bolder beauty choices. Yes for that vamp lip!

Jennifer Hudson Pixie

In other JHud news, the actress is set to star alongside fellow Manespiration darling Teyonah Parris, in Spike Lee’s Chiraq. The Oscar-winning star has also reportedly been tapped to play Soul Queen Aretha Franklin in an upcoming biopic from Straight Out of Compton producer Scott Bernstein. Whether or not she goes forward with the role, for this bold and beautiful new look, Hudson definitely gets our R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Would you wear a super short pixie? Have you before? We want to know! Sound off in the comments!

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