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HOW-TO: Jennifer Lopez’s Half Up Top Knot by Lorezo Martin

jennifer lopz half up top knot lorenzo martin

Jennifer Lopez is always on her mane game. Whether her hair is slicked and sleek, long and wavy, or in a topknot, one can always concur that her hair is on point. That is due to her trusted hairstylist Lorenzo Martin, who shared with us how he created JLo’s half up top knot for yesterday’s American Idol taping.




1. Starting on dry clean blow dried hair, divide hair in half from behind ear.  Slicking hair back with gel. Put in high pony tail tightly!

2. Twist pony tail around into bun.

3. Curl hair with 1 inch barrel curling iron.

4. Spray with texture spray. 

For more #manespiration, be sure to follow @lorenzomartinjr on Instagram.

2 minutes

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