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GET THE LOOK: Jennifer Lawrence’s Mockingjay Updo

Jennifer Lawrence never fails to stun us with her crazy antics and evolving style. She looked absolutely amazing at the Mockingjay premiere just a few weeks ago, showing us the perfect example of a holiday up-do for short hair. Take a look at our interpretation to recreate the style below.



  1. Start on damp, freshly washed hair. Creating a great style always starts with a great foundation, so make sure to use the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type before starting. Mist towel dried hair with sea salt spray, then rough dry until hair is 80% dry.
  2. Once hair has just a little moisture left in it, use your round brush to finish the blow dry. Focus on creating a sleek center part in the front by drying the sides straight down, and creating lift on the roots in the back crown by lifting your round brush as your dry.
  3. When hair is 100% dry, spray with dry texture spray, then use your flat iron to create undulating waves throughout.  You can create this pattern by working on 1 inch sections of hair and beveling your flat iron under, then immediately over in the opposite direction and vice versa as you move down the hair shaft, being careful to leave the ends straight.
  4. When finished, spray more dry texture spray at the roots in the back, then use a comb or brush to backcomb near the crown.
  5. Gather all the hair except for a few face framing pieces, then secure with a bungee or bobby pins in the back, leaving the ends out.
  6. Gather the ends, then tuck under and secure with more bobby pins.
  7. Mist with hairspray to finish and use french pins to secure any loose pieces.


2 minutes

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