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MANESPIRATION: Jenny McCarthy Ditches Blonde for Hot Pink

Is is just us, or is Jenny McCarthy getting hotter as she ages? The 1994 Playmate of the year shortly turned to acting after her success in modeling. Playing the innocent blonde in roles like Courtney from Two and a Half Men, Sarah in Scream 3, and even her humble self in Donnie Loves JennyThis blonde bombshell is recognized world wide not only for her talent, but her down to earth and hilarious personality. Jenny McCarthy Pink Hair

Now that recognized blonde has ditched her light locks for a bright pink! Celebrity stylist Julius Michael calls her color “sexy bitch pink.” Julius’ Instagram gives us a peak into her formula; “I used Pravana VIVIDS Pink on her roots and midshaft for 30 minutes. Then Pravana VIVIDS Magenta all over for 15 minutes.” Michael has definitely created a buzz with this bold color, and we hope to see Jenny rocking it all the time.

For more behind the scenes and step by step details on Mccarthy’s color, head over to Julius Michaels site. 

Thinking of going hot pink like Jenny? Make sure you know how to maintain that vibrant color at home!  

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