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Gigi Hadid Jeremy Scott Euegene Souleiman Wigs

The sixties were in full swing at the SS16 catwalk for Jeremy Scott. With inflatable Barbie pink pumps and drawn on Twiggy- inspired lashes, the show was nothing short of playful.

 The Dollie Parton -esque updos made a statement all on their own. 

Jeremy Scott Euegene Souleiman Wigs NYFW

Hair legend Eugene Souleiman was backstage yelling, “the bigger the hair, the better!”

Keep scrolling for a step by step tutorial for all you trendsetters out there looking to recreate this mod, voluminous ‘do.

Jeremy Scott Euegene Souleiman Wigs NYFW


  1. Start off with a hot roller set on your whole head. Be sure to over direct each roller when you set it to get the most volume. 
  2. After taking out your roller set, keep a center part and section off each side in front of your ears. Lightly brush out your curls with a Mason Pearson brush
  3. Using your rat tail comb, take horizontal sections beginning at the nape of your neck. Back comb underneath each section with your comb or brush and spray underneath using Wella Hairspray. Use a finer tooth comb for back combing the crown section and take it all the way to the ends – This is where you want the most height. 
  4. Lightly brush over the top of the hair with your brush, creating a tall bee-hive inspired bump. Twist sides together in the center and use hair pins to lock into place. 
  5. Unravel the front sections of hair. Spray your Mason with Wella hairspray and brush down flat. Pin down each side section with a bobby pin hidden under the hair and just behind the ear. 

Jeremy Scott Euegene Souleiman Wigs NYFW

2 minutes

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